Good Riddance 2017

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Old Story

Year 2017, you were pretty hard on me. I was recently reminded how I wanted to kick 2016 to the curb and give it nasty hand gestures just so it could know how glad I was to see it go. Little did I know what a beast you would be 2017.

2017 you caused so much commotion in my life. I thought I had a grasp on my shadow, but you opened up a black pit of darkness beyond my wildest imagination. 2017 You just loved to destroy my well-laid plans and ruin my life. 2017 you ravaged the lives of my friends and my family too. I witnessed so much turmoil for my loved ones, and it was hard to feel so helpless to help. 2017 you turned the world upside down with your flair for chaos and insanity. We are feeling quite collectively traumatized in your wake 2017.

Fuck you 2017. I hope you know how much I hate you. I hope you suffer the way you made so many of us suffer. Fuck you! And good riddance

New Story

Ok so did I like all of your lessons 2017? Hell to the No!!

Did you stimulate a massive amount of personal growth by trying me in pretty much every way possible, yes you did. Did you trigger the world into having some very challenging conversations that have the potential to bring some much-needed changes to the world stage, I sure hope so.

So while you certainly weren’t a pleasant year, and I am not sad to see you go. I will find within me a deep place of deep gratitude and work at integrating those many provoking lessons to make myself better and stronger in the years to come. I hope that for all of us. Thank you 2017.


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