The Fire in my Heart is Out

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In the middle of the dirty 30’s and The Great Depression, many people were not just jobless, but homeless as well. One day turned into two, which turned into three, which turned into a week, then a month, then a year, and so on and so on.

At what point, did the will of people die? At one point did the depression of being in The Great Depression, with no hope to be found, finally take its mental toll on millions of Americans?

We have just been through what’s been dubbed as The Great Recession, and it’s taken this long for people to really just start expressing their battles with depression in an open forum. However, back in the 1930’s, these millions of Americans suffered in silence, as they tried to stay strong for others, and for many, it was too late.

The suicide rate before The Great Depression was 12.1 people per 100,000 and spiked to 18.9 people per 100,000 when the Stock Market crashed in 1929, and it didn’t fall back to normal levels until the beginning of World War 2.

If we learn one thing from the above statistics, is that we need to remove the stigma of mental health issues and discuss everything out in the open. We need to let people who battle their issues, whether it be Bipolar, Schizophrenia, OCD, Depression or just Life Issues, etc., that they are not alone. There are others on the other side of the same things they’re dealing with, and they’re here to give you an ear and just listen.

The current United States Suicide Rate is 13.5%, and the most at risk demographics, are Military Veterans who deal with PTSD, the LGBTQ community who deal with many internal issues growing up in a heterocentric/homophobic society, and those battling with Autism which is highly associated with clinical depression.

Many of the those with a higher risk of suicide are constantly battling to keep the fire inside them still burning, and if you have a loved one that you see in a struggle, please do your best to get them the help they need.

The below comic is for those that are struggling with the everyday issues of life just to stay alive. It’s for those that are feeling nothing inside. And for those that feel that no one is listening/hearing about how bad you’re hurting. For all of you that feel like you’re part of the THOSE, everyone here at Massive Phobia is giving you big hugs today and will be here for you when you need someone to listen.

If any of the above resonates with you, and you’re having one those days where you can’t get out of bed and you feel that the fire inside you is out, please do get help if you’re not getting any right now. If you need to talk to anyone right away, our friends at Better Help are here for you by just CLICKING HERE.

If you want to read more comics from our GREAT DEPRESSION collection, CLICK HERE.

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