How To Get More Done At Work With ADHD Strategies

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If you’re like me, then you’re completely distracted at work most of the time due to your ADHD, and this causes numerous problems. And by numerous, I mean that a bunch of assignments fall through the cracks, and then you have to explain that it won’t happen again, but it usually does. It’s not a fun routine as it causes stress, guilt, and shame, but it’s the reality for those that battle ADHD. However, over time, I created a way to combat these issues, and here are the strategies that helped saved my work life.

One Thing At A Time

I thought I could multi-task, but that was just a pipe dream. I can only do one thing at a time. And to organize this system, I only let one task be open on my desk at a time. Everything else is then put into folders based on priorities. I make sure I can’t see them, so I don’t get sidetracked as well. Sometimes when I see how much work I have, it’s daunting, and I get overwhelmed and stop doing things. 


To lessen my stress, I prioritize which assignments need to be done first. This way I can hit deadlines. I also notify others who would be receiving my finished work, where they sit on my priority schedule, and I keep them all up to date on my computer and through emails. This way everyone is in the loop. 


Some of the work that I have to do, I don’t enjoy in any way. However, it still must get done even though I fear doing it. In response, I calm myself by listening to a brief meditation through my phone while at my desk. Yes, I use earphones, so I don’t bug anyone else, but it also helps immerse me into the sounds. This helps me feel much more at ease before I begin my most dreaded tasks.

Cutting Off Internet

Using the internet is needed by most to do work these days, and for those battling ADHD, it becomes hard not surf for pleasure. To combat this, I asked my office if I could have two computers. One that is not hooked up to the internet and one that is. This way if I find myself going back and forth, I have that little bit of time to question what I’m doing, and to get back on track. Awareness is key.

Progress Check-Ins

Having as many check-ins with your co-workers on your work progress is vital. It keeps you accountable, so you won’t let things slide longer than needed. It may feel like you’re being parented in a way, but it’s needed. 

Computer/Phone Alerts

Have your phone or computer to-do-list program give you alerts every hour of the day. These notifications will keep you up to date on your progress and your deadline times.

Notify Fellow Employees 

Sometimes co-workers like to chat during their own breaks, and you love talking with them too. However, this can be detrimental to your workday. You’ll need to notify others about your ADHD issues to help lessen the distraction from others. If you don’t feel comfortable letting others know, them skip this one entirely. 

Good luck with implementing these ADHD Strategies and I hope that your work life becomes much improved and that your stress levels lower significantly.

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