I Caught My Wife Searching Her Ex Boyfriend On Instagram

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Dear Judge Mental Jones,

My wife gave me her phone to look at an Instagram picture and when I clicked on the search by mistake, I could see that her last search was of her ex-boyfriend. When I brought it up, she immediately called me insecure and now her phone always has a lock code on. Should I be concerned?

Dear Locked Out,

Let’s be real. She’s an idiot for not knowing how to “clear search history” in the first place. I always make sure mine’s clean because you just never know who’s looking.  

Now back to your wife. She’s allowed to look him up. Who doesn’t look up their ex’s? However, your wife aka the asshole, should not be coming at you sideways for your discovery. Like ???? WTF. You’re not “insecure” for being able to read. Is this jerk for real?

The immature me says to leave your Instagram open and look up EVERY ex you have and maybe some porn stars just for kicks. If her phone has a lock on it- put one on yours too – and then leave it open on a profile that you know will make her super jealous. Like 12 of your ex’s pics from 52 weeks ago. Bonus if you’re in the photos. Or straight up be a shit disturber and say you ran into an EX at the mall and went to grab a coffee and catch up, seeing as how she’s so “secure” she’ll definitely be alright with it?

Now back to being a mature advice giver.

I think we’re all allowed to look up ex’s, as they were a part of our lives. I do all the time. It’s not like I want to reconnect with them. I’m just curious about what they are up to, and deep down I just want to make sure that they’re still single and miserable without me. If my husband asked me about my searches, I’d be open and honest about what I was doing. However, in your situation, this isn’t what’s happening, so maybe it’s time to check out couples counseling.

Good Luck!

xo Judge Mental Jones

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