Accepting Your Children

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Today’s comic tackles the issue of a children ages zero until death and them being an extension of their parent’s ego.

It’s a very narcissistic trait of a parent to feel that your child is a representation of themselves instead of being proud of your child for being themselves.

Behavior like the above mentioned creates low self-esteem at a young age which sets the stage for it to carry on throughout life. In many cases, the parent is cutting the legs from underneath the child and making them feel inadequate.

These tiny issues actually blow up in a much bigger way later on in life. As a coping mechanism, many of these children begin to use alcohol or drugs as coping mechanisms. Others may become less trustful of others and shut themselves from the outside world.

It’s a slippery slope to falling into depression once these things begin. Recognizing your triggers when someone makes you feel inadequate based on these old wounds is the first step to getting help for yourself and fixing these wounds for good.

So try and consciously be aware of what drove you into certain states. AWARENESS IS KEY!

If any of this sounds like you, or you’re a loved one, and you’re acting this way to your friend or child, please talk to each other and work this out. If this continues, the people you love the most will only become strangers to you, even though you’ve known them your whole life. Everyone wants to be understood for who they are and not what someone else’s expectations of them should be.

Be proud of who you are and who your children are no matter what. The power of that acceptance and understanding can propel them to do and be anything.

With much love, we hope you enjoy the comic below.

Accepting Your ChildrenI Still Sit At The Kids Table | Accepting Your Children

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