Daddy, Are You Proud of Me?

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The relationship between a child and their parents, for the most part, establishes their quirks, habits, and personality for the rest of their lives. Sometimes, when a parent doesn’t positively reinforce a child or is disengaged, it leaves the child, and thus, the future adult will be seeking the approval of their parents. This may manifest itself in rebellion, but often with low self-esteem.

Low self-esteem leads to self-doubt which could result in issues like the fear of failure or perfectionism. In these cases, it’s possible you’re actually afraid to start or even finish projects, jobs, or even lessons of any kind.

If the above sounds like you, or you know someone that has these issues, the below comic is for you.

Are You Proud of Me?

I Still Sit at the Kids Table | Are You Proud of Me?

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