I’m No David Lynch

Posted by Edward Ernest | Mar 15, 2017 | Art, Comics, I Still Sit at the Kids Table, Self Esteem | 0 |

I used to walk down the streets and imagine myself doing god knows what at all hours of the night. In my mind, I’d show up to work the following day and barely be able to keep my eyes open. I’d get yelled at for being a slacker. I was just a dreamer, not meant to be living the 9-5 lifestyle.

In reality, I just never had the confidence to be the person I dreamed of being. It was always easier and more socially acceptable to take the road well travelled. 

I wanted to experience the pulse of night and have it inspire me to write about all of the shenanigans I’d get into…… Then I watched Blue Velvet by David Lynch and said to myself ‘How can I top that?’ So I quit. 

Thus is the life of a person with low self esteem and a fear of failure.

I’m No David Lync

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Edward Ernest is pretty much the coolest guy that ever lived.......according to himself. He's one of the founders of Massivephobia.com and has zero respect from any of his colleagues.To the outside world, he's this very nice upstanding citizen, but behind closed doors he's one of the meanest people we know.Yes, he writes nice articles and gives good advice. It might even seem like he cares about you and wants to be your friend. But please, don't be fooled.We've seen him kick a dog a with a broken leg before and have heard him on the phone berating his grandmother for only giving him a $5 birthday gift.Be thankful he's not related to you.

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