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The contents of your Knapsack says a lot about you as a person. How is it kept? How old are the things inside of it? Is everything useful? Are there different sections for different things? Did you forget another roast beef sandwich in there? If so, why is it now green? There are many questions to be answered and most likely many questions you do not want answered. I feel shame already just writing this.

So yes, this post has to do with clutter and the possibility of decluttering your life. It’s many people’s belief that you start with decluttering your room first, and then you move onto the other rooms in your home. However, when you’re a big kid and even though you’re 30 something years old and possibly older and that’s how people still treat you, you might be carrying a knapsack until the day you die. If that’s you, then we need to declutter your knapsack first as it most likely holds the contents of your life inside.

Excessive clutter can affect every facet of your life. It’s as distracting as seeing your favorite Star Trek character on the street one day and all you want to do is tell them how much you love them but the restraining order keeps you away. It invites chaos into your life. How many times have you been looking for Lord of the Rings Button but found the The Evil Dead book you were looking for two months ago? Or worse, a melted chocolate bar still kinda in the wrapper but leaking out every so slowly due to the tiny rip you never noticed because you forgot it was in there?

Tackling the knapsack should be your first decluttering task because it’s a baby step that can give you confidence as well. This one doesn’t take very long, and the decisions should be rather easy. Well, in theory, the choices should be easy, but in theory, Obamacare works, and we can see how that’s turning out right now. ZING!

The below sketch comic, while mostly using straight lines, is just a small sample of what could be in your knapsack, but it’s all in mine. So if you think any of this sounds like you, big hugs. I feel ya, buddy. Enjoy and start decluttering now.

Contents of knapsack

Little Known Fact:

Kit Kat Chocolate Bars are for sale in both the United States and Canada. However, they taste quite different. In the United States, the chocolate used is less assuming. It doesn’t overtake the taste of your whole entire mouth. The wafer inside is also different. When you bite into it, you can feel the levels of wafer breaking between your teeth. The Canadian version of the Kit Kat Bar just sucks in comparison, and that’s because everything in the United States of America is just better. Other things that are way better in the United States over Canada are the Education System, New York Yankees, The Alamo, Guns, Insurance, Multi-Culturalism, and Beavers. Those who tell you otherwise are either Stupid, Canadian, Democrats or All Three.  

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