Walk All Over Me….. Please!

Posted by Edward Ernest | Apr 2, 2017 | Art, Comics, I Still Sit at the Kids Table, Relationships | 0 |

Are you still falling into your old patterns? Bad habits? Are you still in relationships with toxic human beings, or do you just keep finding yourself with emotionally unavailable people?

If you think any of the above rings true, then the below one comic panel is just for you.

I keep finding myself in these situations, and I’m currently on a year sabbatical from relationships, just to set myself back at ground zero. A year of no drama. A year of just me.

Let me tell you a secret…….It’s the best. I’m rediscovering me, and I’m finding that I quite like myself.

If you need a change, we suggest you go back to square one too. Old patterns be gone.

You just never learn

I Still Sit at the Kids Table | Walk All Over Me….. Please!

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