I’m Battling Postpartum Depression And My Mother-In-Law Is A Wench

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Dear Judge Mental Jones,

We moved in with my husband’s mother since giving birth to our son so we can save for a house and she keeps taking over all of my bonding time, feeding ,changing, and discrediting me as a parent constantly because she’s “done this before” and raised a son who was ‘good enough to marry.’ I’ve secretly been going through postpartum depression and I’m terrified to even tell my husband. He shares everything with his mom and has her on a pedestal. I’ve tried to talk to him about our bickering and he keeps saying he doesn’t want to be ‘in the middle of it.’ I don’t want her taking these precious firsts from me, and my husband- who I feel I can’t confide in. I’m living in constant criticism to the point where I fear getting treated for postpartum. HELP!

Dear I’m Battling Postpartum Depression And My Mother-In-Law Is A Wench,

Wow. You tell your zero-backbone of a husband to stand up for you right now, or there’s no house to be saving for because your ass and your baby won’t be moving with him. He needs to grow up and stop being such a mama’s boy. If he doesn’t do this for you, then I think you and your new precious baby should find a friend to stay with for the time being.

Now let me sink my teeth into your mother-in-law. This skeezy wench sounds like she’s so desperate for a hobby that she’s taken on your life. Obviously, she controls her son quite well and is just used to being a controlling piece of shit. I can’t imagine what you’re going through. You are going to have to set some boundaries for the sake of your sanity, marriage, and your child. This is a job for therapy- or Jerry Springer depending on this Ice Queen’s savage approach to overtaking your role as wife and mother. Also, reconsider saving for a house at this time. Talk to your Doctor discreetly for a psychiatrist referral. The sooner they give you the proper meds, the better as it takes around 2-6 weeks for the right prescription to kick in. You need to be proactive on the meds before it gets worse because that thing you call your mother-in-law is just waiting for you to slip up.

Good luck!

xo Judge Mental Jones

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