In General, Which Type Of Coping Strategy Is Related To Good Health?

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Hey Everyone! It’s me! Ellis! And boy, oh boy, have I been a complete and crummy mess for the last little bit. I went through a depressive episode for no reason what so ever cause it happens to me sometimes, and then my poor coping mechanisms made things even crummier. I started drinking lots of caffeinated sodas, and coffee too. Then when I’d have a coffee, for some reason, I bought disgusting cigarettes even though I don’t even smoke. What was going on with me? Jeez-Louise! It just looked so relaxing! And it was also something to do instead of eating, oh fudge, because I started eating my feelings and I had lots of crummy feelings. And to top it all off, all these things cost tons of money which I don’t have really or at all. So then I started crying about my crummy bills because cigarettes and food aren’t cheap these days. All these things kept piling up on a giant crumpile, until I thankfully and eventually hit rock bottom. And it isn’t until you hit rock bottom that you can finally make some adjustments, so that’s what I started doing because my coping mechanisms were all the crummiest of crummy ones. So I thought to myself, In general, which type of coping strategy is related to good health? And because I kinda had a clear mind when thinking this, I went on a mini-journey to find out.

My loyal and bestest friend, Laurel Leaside, gave me the idea to make a list, but not like a list that my other co-worker Kristy Listy makes because those ones are super dark and scare me, even though they’re honest. I wanted to make a list of coping mechanisms that might be helpful to me, so I tried some things out and made some notes on my most favorite ones.


Even though I couldn’t afford a pet, I got one anyway. I’m now the proud new parent of a Bichon Frise named Harry, and I love him to pieces. He’s the cutest thing ever!!!!!! Even when I’m having a crummy day, Harry gives me the unconditional love that I’ve always wanted, and I feel so much better about myself when we’re together. LOVE YOU HARRY BOY!!!!


When I’m feeling down and need to talk, calling on my friends instead of smoking gross cigarettes is way better for my health, and it’s always lovely to hear their voices too.


I wasn’t the biggest believer in this one, but Laurel Leaside recommended it, and it truly does wonders. Right before bed is the best time to do it in my opinion, but that’s just me.


I may be pretty crummy at painting or drawing, but that hasn’t stopped me from being creative and taking my mind off of things. Once you get started, your mind is just so focused on the now, and it’s like nothing else exists. It’s pretty cool when you think about it, unless you’re painting or drawing right now, and then you won’t think…..That was a crummy joke that probably made you wince, but I’m on a roll so, yeah me!


I’m kinda a lazy Crumington, so this one is tough. I know it makes me feel better in the long run, so I do some light floating to get my heart rate up, and it makes me feel good, even though I don’t like doing it. But then I take a nice bath after and that’s always dreamy, especially when I light a candle too.


Some people read, but I like listening to podcasts so I can learn about a wide variety of subjects that I’m interested in. They make me think about other people’s experiences and about new possibilities too. And isn’t a great coping mechanism something that will open you up to change? I love the Mental Illness Happy Hour, what about you?

So that’s it! That’s my list of how I’m helping myself cope with life these days. Life isn’t easy, and sometimes it’s really crummy, but these things help me through the crummiest of times in a healthier way. I want to live as long as possible because you only get one chance at it and I really want to make it count……but that’s another story for another time.

Love, Ellis

P.S. Hugs!

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