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The rules of this exercise are pretty simple. Choose one of your favorite songs to listen to when you have your mental health issues bubble to the surface, create a dance routine to show your emotion, and then dance it out. Your submissions are quite welcome here.

One of my favorite songs to listen to when I get into a Manic Depressive state is ‘You’re So Cool’ by Hans Zimmer from the movie True Romance. I didn’t care that I was a terrible dancer. That isn’t the point of the exercise. Releasing emotion through your body is what’s important. Our brains are in overdrive, and it’s important to work your body back into the equation.

This dance piece was surprisingly cathartic as my body had an AHA moment connecting the dots with my issues the further my dance went on. I loved doing this so much; I think I’ll start doing it every day…..Just not in front of the camera……. 😉

I hoped you enjoyed the video and don’t be shy on submitting your own at

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