What Can I Do About My Son’s Erratic Behavior? 

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Dear Judge Mental Jones,

My step-son is out of control. He used to be a good kid with straight A’s and a ballet dancer. Since “leaving” ballet class (we suspect he was thrown out) he hasn’t been eating. He fainted at the grocery store the other day and when we force him to eat, he throws up and leaves it in the bathroom so that we find it. It’s shocking. He is only one credit short from graduating and didn’t even bother going to his summer school classes. Now we have to continue to support him instead of sending him away to College. What can we do about this erratic behavior? 

Dear Step-Mom That Should Ask Questions,

I think it’s obvious that something deeper is going on here and questions need to be asked and they need to be asked right now. Like stat!

I don’t like your use of words by the way ‘continue to support him’… Let’s be a good step-mom here and an overall nice person. Your step-son has something that is deeply troubling him for all of this to happen suddenly, so instead of thinking about your little checkbook, let’s think about his brain and where he is mentally at the moment.

You need to very empathetic and non-judgemental, so he opens up and gets the help he needs.

Most people would think that your stepson is a dumbass kid that wants some fucking attention. Hence the not flushing the vomit down the toilet. And yeah, he does want attention. He wants you to know that he’s hurting and he needs help. Sometimes asking for help is hard for people depending on how they were raised. So let’s be the good step-mom cause the world is filled with so many bad ones and step up to the fucking plate here.

Now there is the possibility that I’m wrong, even though I’m never wrong. However, there is a chance that I’m wrong, and your stepson has nothing wrong with him, and he’s just a little teenage shit. If so, here’s my advice for that very slim 0.00001% chance of that likelihood.

There needs to be a professional assessment with this kid for him to understand the severity of being disgustingly skinny (read: undateable) and chronically unemployed/underemployed (also read: undateable) without AT LEAST your high school. Tell him to outsource the coddling to an eating rehab. That might help him understand the gravity of self-sabotaging for the purpose of manipulation and attention. Because it will NOT BE CUTE when he’s an adult trying to navigate these challenges. #GetItTogetherKid

Anyway, don’t listen to advice number two because I’m never wrong and do your best to think of the child and not your savings account. Humans are worth more than money, especially ones you’re related to.

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