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Dear Judge Mental Jones,

I know I am depressed, suicidal at times, but I am afraid to seek help because I my husband thinks it will jeopardize my ability to work and he’s already upset that I’ve chosen to go back to school. I’ve always worked with children, first in childcare and then as a teacher. I like to be in a room full of kids because then I don’t have any time to think about myself; I find it rewarding to be able to solve their problems, even if I feel hopeless about solving my own. I am afraid that if I seek help for depression I will not be able to get work with children if I return to work, even though it has never affected my ability to teach. My husband thinks I can be denied to work with kids because of being treated for depression so I’m scared to do anything about it. Help?

Dear Your Husband Is A Dick,

“Upset” that you’ve chosen to go back to school and “afraid” to seek help for SUICIDE (!!) because of your husband. Guess what?! He sounds like the worst support system for mental health that I’ve heard of since the Amish. How did he crunch those numbers!? How can you keep your job if you die? If you can’t get out of bed? WHAT A KEEPER!! And tell your GEM of a husband that the school won’t know you’re being treated for depression unless you skip work for therapy and pop meds in front of the kids. It sounds like you need ALL the therapy. A healthy dose of couples therapy could show this ASSHOLE to stop prioritizing you physically being at work and start prioritizing you BEING ABLE to go to work, be healthy for the kids, and have the capability of waking up to cope with his negative ass and be productive everyday.

I love that kids are a welcome distraction to you but when the sun goes down you still have to cope with this Jackass of an unsupportive husband. I hear eHarmony is great BTW. But if you’re not ready to date, then you better whip your support system into shape coz lord knows if you physically hurt yourself he’d understand, so tell Vladimir Putin aka your Husband, that mental illness is a real illness.

Also, if everyone who was treated for depression weren’t allowed to work than there would be a whole lot less people working so your husband doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Please do go see a therapist or a psychiatrist though and listen to what they have to say about how to treat your depression….. xoxo

Dear Judge Mental Jones,

My husband and I have been together for 14 years and in the last few months he has started becoming increasingly annoyed and angry with me over what I perceive to be insignificant or minor things such as misplacing a sock from the dryer, turning on the lamp to read when we’re both awake. He is stressed about work and has some anxiety issues. I am now wondering if he is depressed, because he doesn’t seem personally satisfied with his life. I don’t know what to do but his constantly being annoyed with me is really straining our marriage, because I find I want to avoid being around him.

Dear My Husband Yells At Me Over Socks,

SHOUTOUT THE 14 YEARS THO! If you’re “above” breaking into emails and texts where he could open up to one of his bros (or worse! a bitch at work…) then you need to sit this man down with the realness. Start with facts not feelings and use the “I” word 100x more than the “You” word because saying “You’ve been distant” makes people want to punch you in the face. So say something like “I’ve been feeling distant from you” to own that shit. Don’t make it a HIM problem if he gets pissed off at minor shit like you turning a lamp on. Lame shit. Make it an “Us” problem. “I want us to get through this. How can we work together.” You can’t live on egg shells, and if this man’s yelling at you for missing socks, you better roll up your sleeves and get to work on that anxiety ridden asshole’s communication or you might NEVER want to be around him again. I’d recommend at-home therapy for him www.Tranqool.com and check out this resource for you https://www.7cups.com/.

I sounded way to nice in this answer. I think I’m going soft on all of you.

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