Know Thy Enemy: Spotting The Narcissistic Family From Within

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Many of us will recognize the various types of narcissists that we’ve already described in previous posts, based on my perfect character trait breakdowns or because you’ve encountered these poor excuses for human beings in real life. However, when you’re young, like I was once, it’s hard to understand that you’re living with a whole bunch of assholes and that what you think is normal is not normal at all. These people are pretty much the equivalent of the devil’s shit.

What kind of human has to tear down a five-year-old Chad for making a palm print candy dish for his mom, only to be told that the palm print itself wasn’t aesthetically pleasing nor was it a proper ergonomic choice when picking candy up from the coffee table specific angle?

So yes, fuck you Dad. And fuck you to my three older sisters, especially Beverley, who told me to make that candy dish and even showed me how to build it, all the well knowing that my Dad would just shit on me and all of my dreams. And then you laughed at me and gave me a pillow and told me to use it as a sponge for all my tears. I was five-years-old god damn it! Five! You and your coven of bitchsters were sworn to protect me, and all I got was nothing. Nothing! So yeah, fuck you, Beverley! Fuck you, Alison. Fuck you too, Joanne. And fuck you the hardest, Dad. Fuck you all!


DJV: Whoa!

Me: Let me rage, please.

DJV: I thought you moved passed this.

Me: Does anyone ever moved passed anything, really?

DJV: To be honest, I don’t know. But the guy I know now, isn’t the guy I met 5 years ago.

Me: I just want to help the little Chad’s of the future.

DJV: I know. And you’ve grown so much in doing so.

Me: It’s all about the little Chad’s, Doc.

DJV: Then let’s help the little Chad’s and get back on track with this chapter.

Me: Okay, Doc. It’s time to arm them……………………………………………….with Knowledge.


Alright, if you’re a little Chad, and you’re living at home right now, and you know shit is fucked up (kinda like how Neo knew he was living in a fucked up world in The Matrix but didn’t really know how) but you don’t know what’s real and what’s not anymore, rest assured as I’m about to make everything super clear. The below list of traits is the definitive list to know if you are the Little Chad of a narcissist or even worse, surrounded by a coven of these life-suckers. Once you read this list, you’ll know for sure, and like G.I. Joe said, knowing is half the battle.


If your parents ever say something like “This stays within the family”, then well, you’re fucked. They don’t want anyone to know what’s it’s like living within the walls of your home. They like to keep up appearances. They want you to look like the normal family next door. Even the non-narcissists are tricked into telling you to think this way, like my mother, because she’s so caught up in the trance of the narcissist’s needs. The narcissist loves the respect they get from others, and if word got out that they were a total piece of shit at home, then the facade would be totally destroyed. The ironic thing is thatwithin your family walls, there’s no such thing as a secret, and I’m talking specifically to you, Alison. UGHHHHH! 


Do you always get told to put a smile on your face? You may be the saddest little Chad in the world, but whenever you go out, everyone thinks you’re just the smiliest well behaved and cutest Chad ever? Yet, all you’re thinking is, I actually don’t know how to act and smiling is now a nervous thing I do. And people get confused when they tell me bad things as I’m still smiling because it’s so ingrained in me to put on my best face even when someone tells me their wife died or they have cancer. And everyone thinks I’m always trying to act perfect, when in reality, I just have no idea how to act because perfection was expected of me and then I become frozen to do anything at all……..but I’m doing much better now.


Have you little Chad’s out there heard phrases like “You’re not good enough!” or “Why can’t you be more like your sisters?” or “I’m way better than you at Monopoly, and I don’t know why we even bother playing because I’m that much better than you.” If so, you’re most likely being valued for what you do and not for who you are. A narcissist only cares what you can do for them or how you can make them look good. If you’re just a regular Chad, trying to make your way in the world, then you’re likely shit out of luck.


In a healthy parental household, parents are the ones that guide their little Chad’s through life. D’uh! But if you’re living with narcissists, you’re really there to serve the narcissist. Do have any interests eight-year-old Chad? Too bad, you’re about to talk about the ins and outs of the car financing business! And then you’re going to call your sister, to then tell her to call your Dad, because he wants to speak to her. Does this hit to close to home right now? Because it does for me.


This one is the worst of them all, in my opinion. It reminds me of the time when all of a sudden my Dad started showing interest in me because I was really excelling in science and won the school science fair when I was ten-years-old. And I felt so good about myself and happy that my dad was proud of me and telling everyone that I was going to the state finals. But then I came in 6th place at state, and then I cried and cried and hoped he’d just tell me it would be okay, but instead, he told me to not get my tears on the new car upholstery on our way home. And then I just cried some more.


The narcissist conducts family communication as if communication was a foreign language. Thus, no one communicates with anyone properly. I’ll hear things from my mom that someone in the family doesn’t like something about me, instead of that asshole coming directly to me. So then I start doing the same things because that’s all I’ve ever learned and then it’s one giant everyone is talking behind everyone’s back fest. Then when you go out in the real world, you try to communicate like this, and you realize that you’re fucked and kinda awful. It breeds tension and distrust, and it’s just terrible. Once you leave home, you’ll need to re-learn how to communicate properly if you want to attempt to live a happier life, unless you choose to run away after reading this. Which I think you should, as your life would be much better living alone than with narcissists trying to beat you down, one backstab at a time.


There’s no such thing as privacy in the home of a narcissist. If the narcissist wants to read your diary, they will. If they want to call you names like fatty Chaddy, they will. If my sister Alison wants to sell my baseball card collection or steal my paper route money from my piggy bank for her own profit and get away with it with little to no consequence, she will. My little tips for you little Chad’s out there. Hide everything out of the house if possible.


My mom is a beautiful and lovely woman who unfortunately married a Lucifer type figure. I didn’t know my grandparents, but I assume that one of them was most likely a narcissist, and my mom married the asshole I call my father because it was familiar to her. I don’t blame her taking care of his needs over ours because that’s all she knew how to do. She just wanted to keep the family going because that’s what she thought was the best and right thing to do. If one of your parents is like my mom, please remember, there is no sense talking reality into her as it will only be frustrating. She’s stuck in a cycle that’s unbreakable. It’s like the Death Star tractor beam, once that beam has you, there’s no getting out of it. That’s why we must destroy the Death Star aka the Narcissists. That also means we’re Luke and that also means we’re super awesome.


DJV: You’re really keeping your emotions in check while writing this piece. You haven’t threatened to kill or beat anyone up once! I’m really proud of you.

Me: If we’re going to fight the good fight, I can’t do it alone, Doc. I need to put myself out there cause I’m recruiting an army. Hell hath no fury, like a child of a narcissist with a life’s worth of emotional wounds.

DJV: You should make that phrase into a t-shirt!

Me: I’m already one step ahead of you, Doc. Already one step ahead.



While it’s rare to grow up with three full narcissist sisters, thus being in a coven, It’s not rare that the narcissistic parent always pitted us in competition against each other. This was mostly hell. However, I did get tremendous pleasure when I witnessed my sisters literally rip each other’s hair out, or the time my sister Joanne pushed my sister, Alison, off a cliffside while they were running a 5-mile race against each other. Alison only had a fractured skull and lived, but still, this was all encouraged. Their rivalries were few and far between unfortunately. Pick on the one you can beat they liked to say. UGGGHHHHHH!!!

These encouraged behaviors only bred distrust. There was no way I was going to confide or tell my siblings anything important about my life, and it was the same with their relationships as well. It’s like all of us kids were strangers in the same house and we’ve become even more estranged as we’ve gotten older. We only remember the bad things about each other and can’t remember one nice thing at all. And my dad always liked my sister Beverley the best anyway, and she’ll let everyone know it, and we all hate her for it too. I rarely use the word cunt because I’m an anti-narcissist feminist, but in this case, I very much think it applies to Beverley…. times a million.


All you little Chad’s out there! You’re allowed to be happy and sad and angry and every feeling you want to feel. A narcissist parent or coven member will always try to negate your feelings or make you feel bad about having feelings at all. That’s because they’re emotionally stunted pieces of shit themselves, so don’t listen to them. Your feelings do matter, and we’re going to use them to our benefit once your training is complete. If this were Star Wars, we’d be really teetering on the edge of the dark side right about now. But sometimes you need to see the darkness to appreciate the light. I’m so proud of my new found maturity as it knows no bounds and my hardcore studying of Bruce Lee has given me a third-eye into the beauty of life and vocabulary.

To all, you little Chad’s out there! You’ve now read all of the characteristics of spotting the narcissistic family from within, and now you can recognize that you’re not in a normal situation, but you’re actually living a personal hell that I know all too well. I just want to know that you’re not alone, but it’s now up to you on what your next step should be. You can either stay in your situation and endure as I did. Or you can break the illusion of your non-dysfunctional family image to anyone that will listen (very risky as I can’t ensure your survival). Or you can run away to my super safe secret facility and begin your training to join the greatest narcissist killer army that has ever lived so that we can reclaim our lives, our feelings, and our freedom.

The CHOICE is up to you.

All Praise Bruce Lee, Amen.

If you or a loved one you know battles with Trauma (PTSD/CPTSD) from a current or past relationship with a Psychopath, Sociopath, or a Narcissist, please do get the help you need. If you need to talk to someone now, you can talk to one of the many fantastic therapists at Better Help by CLICKING HERE.

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