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WARNING! THIS POST IS LONGER THAN OTHER POSTS BECAUSE I TELL AN EPIC STORY OF MAMMOTH PROPORTIONS. SO BUCKLE UP…………….If sociopathic narcissists are assholes, then psychopathic narcissists may literally be the spawn of satan. As I stated in a previous post, sociopaths learn to be the way they are while psychopaths are born that way. Another big difference between the two (even though it’s very subtle and only true professionals or seasoned warriors like myself can tell) is that psychopaths have even less remorse or guilt than sociopaths. I didn’t think this was possible, but that was until I met a true psychopathic narcissist and stared into his dark, cold, shark-like eyes and saw nothing but his vision of me being burnt like the witches of Salem and robbed of my iPhone 5c, which I got free with a 2 year contract from Verizon. Also, Psychopaths can’t form deep bonds with people, while sociopaths can, and this becomes a huge difference when it comes to the previously mentioned remorse and guilt.

Does that make sense to you, my future and current narcissist warriors? Let me take this explanation just a step further because I need all of your help when the narcissist apocalypse comes and this is a crucial life and death type point…..So to continue,  a sociopathic narcissist would feel no guilt about hurting a stranger; however, they may feel guilt and remorse over hurting someone with which they share a bond, whereas a psychopath doesn’t give two fucks about anyone.

So I know what you’re thinking right now, and yes, I will tell you the story about what happened when I encountered the first psychopathic narcissist in my life, and in complete detail too. Also, before I begin this story, I just want to remind you, that during the apocalypse, you must avoid these types of narcissists at all costs. Psychopaths cannot be turned back into regular people like all other narcissists. They were born out of the fire and ash from the burning cauldrons of hell, and there’s no winning when facing these monsters. So once you learn about ‘what signs to look for’ from my remarkable teachings, and then spot one of these cunts in public……run! Run as fast as you can and don’t look back because these beasts can only inflict serious damage upon your psyche. Like your brains might explode into a million pieces due to their constant gaslighting. FACT!!!

SIDENOTE: Doctors state that some psychopathic narcissists should not always be looked at as monsters, and that they can live or want normal lives too. I’m told that they battle anti-social behavior syndrome and that I’m being waaaaaaaaay too hard on them. And all I have to say to those doctors is that this my handbook, about my life and teachings, and please stop negating my feelings and experiences. I mean, what do doctors actually know? For real? You fuckers guess as much as I do. Diagnose that, you mother fuckers. SIDENOTE OVER!!!!

So here’s my psychopathic narcissist story and it’s all you really need to know. I was 12 years old, and I had just seen Bruce Lee’s ‘Game of Death” for like the 5th time or something like that. I hadn’t started journaling yet, so the number may be higher. Anyway, after watching it again, I knew I wanted to be just like Bruce Lee, and I knew I needed to know more about him. So I went to the library, remember those? And I found a book by Bruce Lee called ‘The Tao of Jeet Kune Do,’ and the philosophy inside absolutely rocked my world. It consumed me, and I was consumed by it. However, reading was one thing, but actually learning the martial art was a whole different enchilada. I needed to find someone in my area that taught it, and at that moment in life, it all felt like life or death. Luckily for me, all I had to do was look it up in the yellow pages, remember that stupid waste of paper? And boom, there it was, a Jeet Kune Do Studio right in the shittiest part of town. I fist pumped so hard that my arm actually ejaculated, like where Spiderman’s web would burst out from his wrist, that’s where the ejaculate came out…. It was pretty fucking cool.

So after school the next day, I took two buses to the studio, which was really just a small storefront in a really shitty strip mall, next to a gun range and a liquor store. I was so stoked that I couldn’t see past my excitement, and the plethora of red flags everywhere, like the obviously handmade Jeet Kune Do teaching diploma on the wall. I had just entered the lion’s den, and my first sensei was not the Jeet Kune Do master he portrayed himself as, but in reality, he was a psychopath using his manipulative skills to make a living off the hard earned money of lonely abandoned kids, like me. What a non-human piece of garbage this guy turned out to be.

When I walked inside, my former sensei and psychopathic narcissist, Rodney, or as he liked to be called, Hot Rod, was so happy to see my cute little face (I was pretty adorable, still am), that it felt like I belonged in the studio right away. He paid me compliments and asked me questions about why I wanted to learn Jeet Kune Do, and I told him it was because I wanted to destroy narcissists and their ilk with my fists of fury until they were all dead. And then if they became zombies and rose from the dead, that I’d have enough powers to kill the zombie versions too. He told me that my idea was amazing and that I should think about writing a movie script about it because it sounded really cool and that it would make tons of money. SWEET!!!

In my mind, I was like, this guy listens to me, and thinks my ideas are super cool, and he knows Jeet Kune Do. What could be better? And then he broke into a story about his life (which I’ve since learned was a lie) and that the reason he learned Jeet Kune Do was that he wanted revenge on narcissists too. Uhhhhh, fuck yeah! You know that moment in the movie Step Brothers, when they ask each other if they just became best friends? That was the equivalent moment for me and Hot Rod, but no words had to be spoken, and by the end of his story that day, I felt like he was my new best friend.

Finally an adult I could trust!!………..But little did I know, that lurking behind his facade, was a Better Business Bureau ‘F’ rating, with no real teaching experience. And I had no idea that he was teaching me garbage skills until I secretly entered a martial arts tournament because I wanted to surprise Hot Rod with a super cool trophy, but all I got was laughed out of the building instead. Thankfully, there was a nice Sensei there who smartened me up a little. That dude, who eventually became my second sensei (eighteen years later), sat me down, and explained that I had been defrauded and that I shouldn’t feel ashamed about it because it could happen to anyone. This Sensei did his best to talk me down, but I still felt ashamed and cried the whole way home.

My oldest jerk off narcissist brother, Troy,  heard me raging against my pillow later that day, and he shockingly showed me a little bit of empathy….. kinda. In reality, I just think he was bored and wanted to show his new girlfriend that he could be a good person, and also I think his mentality was kinda like ‘no one has the right to fuck with my brother besides me and the family.’ It’s like he believed that he and the coven had whipping boy rights, so he went to confront Hot Rod over his perceived piece of property. If this scenario were jail, I’d be the bitch everyone wants to fuck, and yet, in the strangest of ways, it felt nice to be fawned over. However, when we showed up to the studio, my brother and I had no idea that we were dealing with a narcissistic force that was stronger than any of us had previously encountered.

Troy thought we’d be getting back my money pretty easily (He wanted a 50% cut for his services), but Hot Rod was a pretty charming guy, and by the end of what was supposed to be a heated conversation, Hot Rod (with no guilt or remorse in his conscience) blamed me for my lack of progress. He calmly stated that he did his best to help me, and like many kids, I may have been developmentally delayed, and just couldn’t pick up the necessary skills. And as time went, he said that he didn’t have the heart to tell me otherwise. Then he and Troy spoke like they’d known each other for years, and by the end of it, my brother was agreeing with Rodney that I was most certainly mentally retarded…… I mean, WTF?!!!!!!!

I couldn’t believe Hot Rod would do this to me. He was my Sensei, whom at that point, I trusted more than any other adult in my life. And now, he just destroyed whatever trust I could ever have in authoritative human beings forever (until I met Dr. Jonas Von).  My self-esteem had been decimated yet again, and it turns out Rodney couldn’t give one shit. He got his rent money from me, and from all the other  ‘for real’ mentally retarded kids as well, which by the time of the tournament, was like 3 of us. And the parents of those kids just dropped them at the studio out of convenience because they really just wanted to shoot guns next door and needed a babysitter for an hour.

So that was my terrible, yet valuable psychopathic narcissist experience. And the good news is that I’ve since learned the telltale signs of what to look for, thanks to my trusty sidekick, Dr. Jonas Von. Oh man, if I knew these signs back in the Hot Rod days, then I never would have been suckered in the first place. Can you believe what a monumental prick he was to me?!!! I was a Kid! A KID!!!!! UGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I’m going to go calm down while you read all the signs you need to know, and you better pay attention for your own good, because it could save your life one day.

They Speak In The Past Tense – Regular People aka Normies, will talk in the present tense, like ‘Hey Chad, I think it’s a good idea if you tell the police that we were hanging out at my place between 9pm and 430am on Saturday if they show up at the studio later.’ And Psychopaths will say ‘Hey Chad, I thought that was a good idea that you told those pigs that we hung out between 9pm and 430am on Saturday while I was out of town visiting my parents.’ Researchers suspect psychopathic narcissists talk like this because they are detached from their behavior and their environment.

Their Body Language Is Convincing – Psychopathic Narcissists are such good liars that it’s too hard to tell what’s real and what’s fake. So the key to this tell tale sign is by watching their body language for a huge clue. So when Hot Rod was telling me about all the fine-ass chicks he got to 2nd base or better with, he’d always be giving me a huge thumbs up sign, which I now know was his way of trying to distract me from his lies. Also, what a loser he is. I mean, who gives a thumbs up sign without being ironic? The answer, losers and out of touch psychopaths it seems.

Their Language Lacks An Emotional Dimension – One time, Rodney told me that I was his favorite student and that my progress made him the happiest he’s ever been, all while he rolled his eyes at me. Obviously, I was blind at the time, as his facial expressions didn’t match his words. So yeah, a psychopathic narcissists ability to verbalize feelings is most likely a learned behavior, as opposed to a genuine emotional experience.

They Sound Charming – Psychopaths talk a lot and use a lot of emotional words to connect to you and hook you in. Like the charlatans they are, and as I mentioned about Hot Rod before, I told him my biggest fears and he found his way to manipulate the fuck out of me because of it. All of a sudden I found myself detailing his car and paying the studio electricity bill so I wouldn’t lose out on the lessons that I already prepaid for. A master manipulator and dickhead extraordinaire.

They Speak Softly And Quietly – When Psychopaths speak about emotions, they do so very calmly. They do it intentionally to help them gain control of person’s trust. And that’s how Rodney got me to slash some woman’s tires, who filed charges against him for harassment, after she broke up with him and accused him of being an emotionally abusive psychopathic narcissist. 

They Talk About Life In Terms Of Cause And Effect – Psychopathic Narcissists like to use cause and effect life-dialogue. This kinda sounds like when Hot Rod told me that ‘my ex-girlfriend is gaslighting me and that’s why she deserves to have her tires slashed.’ ……So he was obviously not remorseful about how he treated her. OBVIOUSLY!!

They Focus Their Attention On Their Basic Needs – Hot Rod liked to talk about things like food and shelter a lot. So when he was on the stand (at his trial for uttering death threats, by spray painting ‘I’m Going To Kill U’ on the front of his ex-girlfriends house), he talked about what he ate that day when his public defender asked him if committed the crime. Then he commented on the need to make some money to pay for his studio rent, which was where he was living at the time too. THE GUY WAS FUCKED IN THE HEAD!!!

They Say ‘Um’ A Lot – Psychopaths, like Hot Rod, say the words ‘uh and ‘um’ more often than usual and it’s believed they do it to sound more sane….. Um, yeah…… Ha! See what I did there? I tried to make you think that I was a Psychopathic Narcissist…… but I’m not. I’m just the greatest narcissist warrior of all time. Great Joke! I rule! Anyway, Hot Rod said ‘Uh’ and ‘Um’ a lot!!!! TRUTH!

They’re Great Storytellers – I told you this post would be epic like I said it would be, but we have one more tell tale sign left, and that’s great storytelling. Hot Rod was a great storyteller, that used his vast web of lies to gain my trust. He drew me in by detailing how his four brothers were huge narcissists (which was his way of empathizing with me and playing the victim at the same time), when he never really had any brothers at all. He was an only child! What a fucking psycho! And then he also liked to be seen as a hero too, like the time Hot Rod said he beat up some Neo-Nazis that were beating me up one day, but don’t you think I’d remember that? WOULDN’T YOU?!!! HUH? And somehow I believed him because that’s how good of master gaslighting storytelling manipulator, Hot Rod really was.

Thank goodness he’s dead.

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