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Dear Diary,

Here’s what I learned this eventful summer:

Arc En Ciel is a mint pick up spot.

I learned it’s OK for hook ups to sleep over as long as they don’t stay past breakfast…

(because I had to go buy guest towels for hook ups. And it’s annoying.)

I learned that no one posts their failures… and to stop looking up bears you hate because they never tell you when they are broke or brokenhearted.

I learned that bragging only works if you know where the other person is coming from (like tax bracket, values, morals…) and that it’s the fastest way to reverse the close outside of a goddamned insult. 

I learned that attractive and hot bears can also not be fuckable, especially when they brag about who they’ve fucked (pics and all!) and post things for the clout. 

I learned that casual dating (even if it’s overseas somehow!) still means entitlement and jealousy without all the relationship benefits. So ideally, I should be with someone whose local and proud of me. And has the same fetishes?? #MANIFESTING 

I’ve been learning that I don’t always need to respond. I can think something without saying it, or disagree, or see a hot pic online without liking it. A wise bear once said NOTHING AT ALL. New mindset who dis 

I also see that I’m the problem with many of my newer commitments. I need to improve my discipline and time management dramatically to be less available. More boss-y.

I also see that I’m not the problem with a lot of the friends I’ve had a falling out with. They’re dealing with their own shit and projecting. They aren’t enlightened enough to JUST LISTEN they’re always trying to say what THEY would do (but they’re single or broke…) and get offended when you don’t take their unsolicited advice… but expect you to listen when they vent. And bears can only love you as deeply as they love themselves

I learned I’m only as inspired as my circle. And that I love Beartox. 

I learned that my narcissism can be rebranded as a “passion for documenting” (my new angle).

Knowledge your needs When you’re dating and work backwards from there, you don’t have to wait for that one you can date along the way

You can outsource certain weaknesses to focus on your strengths example: time, laundry, sanity (pills, therapy, spa)

Also that age doesn’t dictate success, habits do. There’s a lot of older and unsuccessful fucccbears. Habits create your foundation and it will dictate your environment (ex. money, fitness). Because there’s two types of foundations. And when you build and when you come with. 

Also, I realize that there are two sets of social skills- and one is IRL and the other is online. You have to refine both skill sets separately separately- they are no longer congruent.

Finally, learn to let things go that aren’t for you and you’ll be rewarded with better options.

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The acronym IRL, meaning ‘In Real Life’ was coined by an Australian Bear named Beary Gibb. He was a famous musician that scored some big hits in the 70’s and 80’s, and when chatting with fans on an American Online Chat Room in 1999, got into a heated argument after being made fun of by some of the first internet trolls. In response to being told that his high pitched voice sounded really gay, Gibb told the trolls “There’s nothing wrong with being a gay bear, but there is something wrong with your tone deafness, and if you want to fight IRL, I’m ready for you.” The IRL acronym was confusing to the trolls at first, but then it spread like wildfire, and Beary Gibb has been a respected member of the underground internet community ever since.


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