The Long Road Ahead For Aaron Carter

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Looking deathly gaunt, Aaron Carter sat on the set of the syndicated TV talk show ‘The Doctors’ and was relieved to find out that he tested negative for HIV. For this temporary moment, Aaron Carter’s front burner problem subsided, but it doesn’t mean that his problems aren’t over. When you’re dealing with inner demons and addiction, the road will always be long, and patience with yourself is most dearly needed.

The life of this former teen idol is one of mistrust, tragedy, addiction, and shame. There’s a story of how he got to this place in his life, and it’s his story. He should not be judged as many will most likely do. It doesn’t matter that he was a teen star that had some money when he was younger. He’s a human that has a wounded soul, and he’s been trying to stay afloat in any way that he can. If you were thrown into the same circumstances, who knows how you would react?

In the near term, Aaron Carter agreed to enter a rehabilitation clinic for his drug use as his recent tests showed that he had Marijuana, Benzodiazepines, and Hydrocodone in his system. The last two have been known to cause accidental deaths when taken at the same time, so there’s an urgency to get clean as fast as possible.

Getting clean isn’t an easy road. There most likely will be relapses and one should also not be judged for relapses as everyone is different. While attempting to stay off drugs, the real work happens. That real work is dealing with your old issues and coming to terms with your past, and putting it to rest. And it’s easier said than done too.

We can’t speculate on what went on in the Carter household when they were younger, but what we do know is that Aaron, his brother Nick, and his sister Leslie (who passed away from a drug overdose) all had substance abuse problems. When Aaron was older, he accused his mother of stealing $100,000 from him, and there was apparent mistrust and anger. On the Carter Family Reality Show, Aaron and his brother Nick were like dynamite and a match when in a room together. Then you throw in his sister’s death, his father’s death, hiding that he was bisexual, the loss of all of his money, and you have a tsunami of unresolved events.

That’s a lot for one person to take and hold inside as you estrange yourself from the people that should be there for you the most. However, when addiction takes over, you push people away, and you fall further down that rabbit hole. If Aaron Carter wants to get better, he needs to come to terms with everything that’s happened first. One by one he needs to deal with all these issues that have caused him pain. If he doesn’t heal emotionally, then he’ll never be able to kick his addictions. It’s going to be a long road to recovery, but he’s made it this far, and he’s still standing. And he should be proud.

The worst thing anyone can do to someone like Aaron Carter is to judge him. He’s a brave soul, who unlike most of society, has to battle his demons in the public eye.

If anything, he deserves your respect.

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