Magic Mushrooms Showing Potential As A Depression Medication

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Earlier this year, a stranger on the street started a conversation with me about the shirt I was wearing. It read ‘You’ve made it this far, kid’ and this stranger told me about her depression as if the shirt made her completely comfortable about sharing her experiences…..even her experiences with Magic Mushrooms.

I’m not one to judge, as I’ve done many drugs in my life. However, I was concerned when she told me that she battled depression but has also been recently taking Magic Mushrooms more often than ever before.

For those of you who haven’t taken any psychedelic drugs, your brain can go to some wonderful places. However, it can also go to some very dark places if you’re not too careful. So it was shocking for me to hear that someone would take Magic Mushrooms with depression because I would assume that there’s a very high rate of your brain going to a place you don’t want it to go, and it would only make your depression worse. I would be scared stiff if it were me.

This woman, whom I just met, assured me that I was wrong and that it was actually helping her with depression. All I could think was ‘it may seem like it’s working now, but eventually this will work against her.’ I left the conversation shaking my head and wishing this stranger good luck. I just hoped she knew what she was doing and was also curious about what she was telling me at the same time.

I looked up as much information as I could find about this subject on my trusty computer when I got home, and I was shocked with what I found. As it turns out, the stranger I met earlier in the day was onto something, and I was pretty happy to be wrong.

Here’s a report that I found.

A recent wave of research is supporting the argument that psychedelics could be a key to improving mental health for patients who don’t respond well to conventional treatments.

In a recent study, focused on psilocybin, the psychoactive compound found in magic mushrooms, in the treatment of chronic depression. The results suggest that when taken in therapeutic doses, the drug “resets” brain areas associated with depression and reduces symptoms for weeks after the initial dose.

Researchers administered the drug to a small group of patients who hadn’t responded well to standard depression treatments. Two doses, 10 mg and 25 mg, were given a week apart.  The patients’ brains were scanned using fMRI before and after taking psilocybin to assess changes in activity, particularly in the network of brain areas associated with symptoms of chronic depression.

The results were striking. Brain scans showed significantly less activity in the patients’ amygdala, the brain area central to our stress, fear and anxiety response, and a stabilization of activity in other brain areas.

The patients reported uplifted moods, feeling less stressed and an overall improvement in symptoms for five weeks after the treatment. The researchers report that both the brain scan results and the patients’ anecdotal responses point to a “reset” affect across the brain network associated with depression symptoms.

Even though this was a small study, it’s showing promise, and this will only result in bigger studies to prove out this promising start.

Magic Mushrooms just may be magical after all.

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