Man Who Forgot To Call His Mom When He Got Home Says He’s So ADHD

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After returning home from his long weekend vacation in Chicago, John Mumsford settled into his couch, Netflixed and chilled. Upon not hearing from her son immediately when he returned from his 3-hour drive as she asked, John’s Mother called him incessantly until he stressfully picked up the phone and claimed he was so ADHD and completely forgot.

Despite making this claim to his distraught mother, it became evident that John had no idea what ADHD was and that he was just making up excuses to not get into a long conversation about what he ate while he was away.

“Ma! I’m so ADHD, and my mind was just racing all over the place, and I knew I had so much work to get to when I got home because I neglected to do any all weekend. All I do is work mom. So much pressure from the office these days and I really want to get that promotion. In fact, I really need to get back to finishing up my presentation for tomorrow morning.” John stated.

John’s mother began to get worried by her son’s new medical condition and implored him to seek treatment as soon as possible.

“ADHD! There are pills for that you know. You need to go to the doctor immediately and get this checked out before it gets worse. You also need to get some food in you. Some vegetables. And when you’re done, please call me and tell me what the doctor said. I love you too much for this to happen to you. You’ve worked so hard and are such a good boy.”

Now realizing that he just created more phone calls to his mother, John had this confession to make when we reached out to him for comment.

“I was partying like a rockstar all weekend, and the last thing I wanted to do when I got home was to talk to my mom about what I ate all vacation. At first, I thought, it’s just a harmless little lie about ADHD. But then I quickly regretted it because my mom’s second favorite topic of conversation, not including the weather, is my health and the health of other people. Especially all of her friends who always seem to be getting hip replacement surgeries these days. I mean, how do people fall so much?”

I did not reach out for a rebuttal comment to John’s mother as I didn’t want to ruin his cover. His ordeal with his mother is a pain I know all too well.

Godspeed John Mumsford.

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