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Manorexia is the urban dictionary term used for males that battle the eating disorder, Anorexia Nervosa. And it’s a disorder that most males battle alone as it’s not very macho to be a male battling what’s been deemed as a mainly female type of disorder.

Besides having issues with their body image, battling anorexia, for men, also adds a psychological factor that challenges the prototypical image of who and what men are. From my own experience, you start to think less of yourself because society has deemed men should be this specific macho thing and by battling an eating disorder that is deemed a female issue, then you must not be a man.

Being an overweight male and going on a diet is accepted by society as being a norm, but the other is not. In fact, I am the only male in my community of friends, associates, clubs, workshops, etc. that has ever admitted to battle anorexia. Can I be the only one? It’s hard to believe because statistics show that 1 in 5 men battle anorexia at one time in their life.

I find this unfortunate because I hoped that opening up about Manorexia would have encouraged other men to talk about, but it seems like Machoness and Societal Norms are still so high that my hopes just might have been too ambitious.

So now I bring this to the internet. And I hope that if you also battle Anorexia that you’ll deal with your issues while helping others by being brave and telling your story too.

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