Mauro Ranallo, The Bipolar Warrior

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Being a huge wrestling fan, I came to know Mauro Ranallo as the voice of the WWE Show product, NXT. As soon as I heard him call a match, I didn’t understand why he was on their developmental show and not working their top shows. He was that good. Eventually, he got called up to one of the main shows and the way he ferociously called match endeared himself to fans forever. But little did we know that this monster voice was battling Bipolar Disorder behind the scenes.

One day, Mauro Ranallo disappeared from WWE TV for quite some time, and no one really knew why. Rumors swirled about his Bipolar battle, but we never heard any details. To our surprise, we did hear his voice again, but it wasn’t on WWE TV. Ranallo was back, and he was back in a big way, as the announcer for the biggest boxing spectacle in the past ten years, when Floyd Mayweather battled Conor McGregor. And he didn’t disappoint either. My new favorite wrestling announcer just proved to the world that he was one of the best play by play people in the commentating business as rocked the microphone on a massive stage.

Us wrestling fans didn’t hear much about the nitty-gritty on what happened in between stints, and I always how he lifted himself off the low to be a big-time player in the announce game once again. And soon, we’ll not have to wonder why anymore.

Showtime has produced a documentary about Mauro Ranallo and his battle with Bipolar Disorder called ‘Bipolar Rock ‘N’ Roller’ which will chronicle his life, his struggles with Bipolar Disorder, and how he keeps on fighting.

I’m quite excited for this documentary to hit our small screens on May 25th, as I believe it will show people how someone who battles mental illness every day, struggles, but also can excel at a high-level career at the same time. Mauro Ranallo is an inspiration to me, and hopefully, he’ll be one to all of you future mental health warriors out there too.

Let’s help end the stigma today.

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