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My name’s Kristy, and I’m in charge of Top Ten Phobia Lists around here. However, today I asked to write a piece of poetry, in the vein of bad poetry, that this site creates.

I tolerate many people on Facebook, mostly friends of friends, and their political beliefs amongst other beliefs that I don’t agree with. Usually, I put their posts on hide and try not to think about how a friend of mine can be friends with that type of person. I do my best not to let it affect me. However, yesterday that all changed.

It was a day on social media that women joined together in solidarity with the #metoo hashtag, to say that they’ve been victims of sexual assault. It took quite a bit of bravery for many women to publicly admit this part of their life. For many, these assaults turned into shame, guilt, self-blaming, self-hate, depression, anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders and addiction. So to say that this day was a big deal wouldn’t do it justice…..And that’s when I saw a note on my Facebook that enraged me to write the piece of poetry that I did.

A male, friend of a friend, wrote #metoo on his wall and I lost it. I wanted to go at him right there, but I knew I would only regret it due to this person’s previous posts. I knew it would just get me more frustrated than before and I’d be called every name in the book, and it would be a pointless exercise as this person was just a human piece of shit.

Some people aren’t worth a breath in their general direction. So I saved my words for the paper instead. I wrote this poem with extreme hurt, pain, anger, etc. flowing out of me, and I hope it’s shared with everyone feeling the exact same way.

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