My Biggest Addiction In The Year 2040

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There are many far-out predictions about what the world will look like in the year 2040. Some people think places like Miami and New York may be underwater, or maybe there will be self-driving cars or even a hyperloop, smart contact lenses may replace smart glasses, or the life expectancy of a human could be 92 years old, or maybe, just maybe, half the earth will die off due to the plague. All of these things could possibly happen, but none of them interest me as much as the possibility of having a Robot Partner to call my own. If Robot Partners do exist, it will no doubt be my biggest addiction of 2040.

I’m an addict. You name it, and I’ve most likely been addicted to it at some point in my life. However, one addiction I’ve never had is sex addiction, and that’s mainly because I’m a huge germaphobe. But in the year 2040, if I had no fear of germs, that means I could have multiple Robot Sex Partners, and that means I may become a massive sex addict.

I’m going to assume the Robots of 2040 will be pretty close to human looking, and if this is so, I’ll be game for threesomes, foursomes, fivesomes, cuckolding, figging (as long as the ginger root is cleaned correctly), sybian riding, and anything else that consenting Robots and myself could get up to. The only rule that I’ll have amongst myself and my robot partners, will be that we can only have interrelations within the group. Therefore, my fear of germs and all STD’s or STI’s will no longer scare me out of my sexual fun.

And because it’s 2040, I’ll be a lot older, and my body may not be working the same as it once did, but the good news is that there’ll be an even newer and better version of Viagra by that time, and it just won’t help me get an erection, it will help me recover after climax within seconds too. I’ll be the ultimate sex machine, and I’ll be addicted the high states of arousal that only my new Robot Partners can put me into, as they know all the sex tricks in the book to keep me coming back for more.

This may sound extremely misogynistic, but it’s not, I’m just an addict that needs to get a fix with my new sentient friends.

How will I get any work done? I have no idea.

Will I lose my job due to my addiction? Most likely.

Is homelessness a possibility because the only thing I want to do is have sex with my Robot Partners? Guaranteed.

And at that point, I will most likely realize that I’m not having fun anymore and that I’ve taken my sex addiction way too far, as I’m feeding off an urge/impulse that’s controlling me, and even though I want to stop, I won’t be able to.

After that, I assume that my own Robot Partners will run away from me due to my poor outdoor living conditions (unless I emigrate to Denmark and get my own apartment for doing nothing), and I’ll be forced into having riskier sex with some unknown Robot Partners. And unfortunately, since my sex addiction has now overtaken me, it will trump my fear of germs, and I may end up getting all those unwanted microbes that scare the crap out of me, which will then cause me to be scared of my own saliva, causing a vicious cycle of self-hate.

Sex addiction is a real thing just like any other addiction. And if I don’t find a way to fill that void by the year 2040, then sex may end up being the death of me too.

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