My Boyfriend Gaslights Me

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Dear Judge Mental Jones,

My ex-boyfriend cheated on me but we worked it out and got back together. I was wary of him cheating again obviously and he kept saying that my “paranoia” of him cheating again was just my mental illness and it wasn’t real. 

Flash forward to a month later and we broke up again because he was just being a mooch and not paying his own way when we went out. NOW, he started dating the girl he cheated on me with which really pissed me off and it gets even worse.

I know she is stalking me online because she she’s so dumb she keeps watching my Instagram stories  and at the same time, he keeps sending me emails from a new account apologizing and that he wants me back. Whenever I’m out having a great time and their names show up on my phone, I get heavily  triggered, but at the same time, I find it comforting that he’s still after me and that it makes this girl insecure. I know it’s unhealthy for my mental health, but in a way, I’m really enjoying their torture. What should I do?

Dear My Boyfriend Gaslights Me Because He’s A Giant Prick,

First, I’d like to say that you can’t let this manipulative gaslighting cocksucker control your time, mental health or even content. But on THAT note you do have options to get back at this newly formed fake couple with a foundation of trust built like the Whitehouse under the Trump Administration. Coz nothing screams “stability” like being in a relationship with a girl you cheated with… so I’m sure she can do the math, and that’s why she’s checking on you. When you’re Plan B, it’s a pretty clear position to all parties involved. This trash-hole loves fucking with YOUR mental health, so he’ll be gaslighting her too, I’m sure. I’m shocked she had low enough self-esteem to take him back- but that’s for another day.

SO for Insta, you can post a screenshot of your Tinder profile with the caption #single to watch your prospective dates flood in. Follow it up with anonymous meal pics and a flirty caption (ex. “finally someone who can treat a lady) to let both of them know that you’re unbothered and moving on.… which they can’t seem to do. You can also feel free to add your exes on Insta and put heart eyes on their photos. That’s called ‘going for the jugular.’

Or post like usual to show that you haven’t missed a beat and you’re taking the high road to not even acknowledge these losers. Because the healthiest thing to do is block these mental health sucking vampires from stalking and keeping tabs. I mean, you can’t blame her for not trusting a cheating lying walking douchebag. She’s clearly aware that she’s a pawn already. Let them bury themselves in toxic energy, block em all, go on private, and leave them sorting through your friend’s accounts to get a glimpse of what you might be doing.

xo Judge Mental Jones

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