My Neighbor With Aspergers Syndrome Won’t Stop Coming Over

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Dear Judge Mental Jones,

I have a neighbor, whom I think has Aspergers Syndrome, and he stops by unannounced during the week more often than I’d like. In reality, once is too many times as I don’t like anyone invading my space. However, I feel sorry for this guy, and I don’t want to be a jerk to him, or to cause him any anguish because I’m sure he’s had a tough life as is.

I wish he could understand my hints, but he apparently doesn’t, which is why he keeps coming by my front door to talk. He’ll just talk about trucks, and I have no interest in trucks, or cars, or any motorized vehicles at all. Recently, when I don’t answer, he’ll ring my doorbell for what seems like 20 minutes until he finally gives up. And now I’m starting to feel like a prisoner in my own home. I don’t know what to do about this, but it’s driving me crazy, and before I can’t control my anger one day, I need to figure out a solution.

Dear My Neighbor With Aspergers Syndrome Won’t Stop Coming Over,

Let’s not jump to the conclusion that your neighbor has Aspergers Syndrome. It’s possible he’s somewhere on the autism spectrum, but it’s also possible that he’s developmentally delayed. We’re not Doctor’s, even though I’d love to play one on TV. Now that we got that out of the way, does this guy live with anyone?

If he does live with someone, I’m going to assume it’s his family as I have a hard time believing that a roommate wouldn’t want to murder this guy too. No matter what his mental capacity, this guy just isn’t getting the hint, so if he does live with family, I encourage you to go and talk to them. Try and learn about what makes your neighbor tick. And once you get a full sense of whats going on, talk to them about talking to him, and getting him to stop coming by. 

If that doesn’t work, then you’re gonna have to be a complete dick and never answer that door again until your neighbor completely forgets that you exist. If he ever tries to engage again, just say you have to go and close the door. Don’t give him an inch because once he gets it, he’ll take a mile. Why? Because you’re being too nice! This person isn’t your responsibility so stop putting the weight of his world on your shoulders.

Sometimes you just got a be a dick. I know this from experience, and it works.

xoxo Judge Mental Jones

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