My PTSD Has Short Term Memory Loss

Posted by Edward Ernest | Sep 7, 2018 | Bad Poetry, PTSD | 0 |

A few weeks ago, I was out with a new friend, and eventually, we ended up at a loud bar. It was an overcrowded club with sonic booms, people looking you up and down, and never-ending flashing lights. The only reason I was affected by it was because I’m a homebody and I loathe these types of places. However, my new friend wanted to let loose, against his better judgement I found out after the fact, due to his short-term memory loss and PTSD.

I have a history with PTSD, but not to the extent of my friend, Steve. We both battle with addiction issues as a way to cope, but part of Steve’s coping mechanisms involve missing time. When his body senses danger, his mind shuts down, and he unconsciously goes to a different place. He says it’s like short-term memory loss meets intentional blocking. He’s compartmentalizing his present memory to avoid thinking of his past.

I didn’t ask him about what events of our night triggered this aspect of his PTSD, as it’s not in my place to pry about such things, and he was avoiding it for a reason. All I can do is offer my support and understanding for when these things do happen and not to make a big stink about them. However, I will do my best to make better nightlife decisions when Steve and I go out again in the future.

Now after getting through my little life story, I also wrote this poem based on my experience from that night with Steve. Hopefully, our piece of Bad Poetry doesn’t trigger anything negative inside you, but instead helps make you feel like we’re on your side. Big hugs to all of you and If you want to contribute your own piece of Bad Poetry, please email us at

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