My Roommate Is A Gay Homophobic Bear

Posted by Bobby Jenkins | Jul 3, 2018 | Bipolar Disorder, Bobby Jenkins: The Diary of a Bipolar Bear, Identity | 0 |

Dear Diary,

Roommates. AM I RIGHT!? Fuck. So I have a gay and a “straight” roommate that are sleeping together. Curtis and his American Black Bear friend Aaron are still back in the fucking stone ages. Curtis is so full of self-hatred (read: homophobic AF) that it disturbs me. When he told me his friend from “back home” was coming to stay with us, I was worried. When I found out it was for 20 DAYS I was really fucking concerned. And so it begins. He tells me he’s “staying here” with or without my permission (OH. Good to know..)

The first week went so well that I was thinking I wouldn’t mind him staying. But when we went to the Festival yesterday and he said he had to “get out of here- this is a Pride thing!” And when I asked why he said that he replied, “because there’s gay shit everywhere” I realized he didn’t know I was gay. Or that either of my roommates were too (including his bestie! In fact is bestie is a BOTTOM) and that it was PRIDE MONTH in the Arctic- and that he’s on OUR TURF now. That cocksucker. Anchorage won’t be bending to his homophobic needs- and we are screaming loud bondage gays- basically like 2 walking rainbows. 

When I spoke to the landlord and he was all “put a lock on yourself. There’s no overcrowding laws for a paid tenant to host a guest. Get legal advice. Involve cops if you have to.” In other words REALLLYYY chill at passing the buck. This guys smoked one too many of everything in his day- that is clear. 

I’ve turned to Group chat in a last attempt to pull this shit together without authority. I’m having glittered up bears over to fuck to Lady Gaga whether this guy’s a homophobe or not To. Be. Clear.

So unless he wants to leave the house or hold the camera for us- he better stay out of my line of vision.

Even when I tried to “bear” down with him, it was nothing but the hits (before he was a filthy homophobe). I offered to sprinkle some in his drink (while I was already on it- hence me accidentally being nice) and he said he wanted to “do it himself” and put the whole fucking bag in. At the beginning of the night… I was saving that shit for Pride. I hate him so much! Like, ok then buy it off me if you’re gonna be clearing out my stash. 

Classic metaphor for life – being nice gets ya fucked with no climax. Also said “nice bears finish last” or whatever your flavour is. But Diary- you get the point right!? Oh no I was thinking “give them an inch and they’ll walk a mile”. THE POINT IS that bears are clearly trash if there are so many damn saying for “bears are trash- be kind to no one”. And that’s my fucking point.

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