My Sisters Trigger Me Out

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August 6, 2014

Dear Diary, 

WTF. I’m never gonna get out of bed. Neverrrrr. Fuck inspiration. I’ll probably be fat forever anyway. I love McDonald’s Fish Filet more than I myself.

Unfollowing every health blog on my Insta didn’t even help. I can’t stand their meal prep and 6am gym selfies. Braggers. I’m sure they have life insurance and a retirement plan and someone to fuck at night. Congrats on winning life, losers. 

Bless Netflix and curtains and weed and take out – and darkness, the true echo of my soul. 

Coldplay is the soundtrack of my mood right now. I stole my sisters black nail polish to paint my one nail. So goth, so fashion. I’ll be trending in no time.

I’ll never find my remote again in my mountain of garbage/life that surrounds me, which is pure symbolism.

Thank Gahd I finally figured out how to remove the battery from my phone (damn smartphones). It felt soo good to hear the vibrating stop dead. Like, Mom, stop calling me. She’s the worst when she hits me up 20x in a row to remind me I should be at lunch with her and my sisters. She’d be on to me though if I answer the phone, and I’m so sick of these pseudo-inspirational tag lines like “conquer the day, pull it together!” Like, thanks Mahm, I feel so much better now. Your voice is like the anti-depressant I never wanted and my sisters are a walking Trigger to me. Whatever I’m ordering more takeout. 

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