My Teacher’s A Bully

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Dear Judge Mental Jones,

I’m being bullied by a teacher at school. She’s always commenting on how I’m late or saying “thank you for finally showing up” after a few sick days. I’ve been looking really rundown so she recently starting commenting that I need to try “actually getting enough sleep at night” but she doesn’t realize that she’s making fun of my depression very publicly. However she’s mean enough that if I did tell her she would use it against me or would call it an excuse. How do I get her to stop announcing my mental health status to the class as a punchline? It’s hard enough dealing with it as it is. 

Dear My Teacher’s A Bully,

I fucking hate adults that act like children. Your teacher has no right to be in the field of educating kids. She’s a terrible role model and schools should start doing psychological tests, so these cancers don’t destroy the youth of today.

I would love to tell you to tell that Clueless Witch to stop being a militant lunatic, for one. Her behavior can (and will) rub off on the rest of the class. It’s brutal that you have an unintelligent Warden busting running commentary over your already difficult episode. I’d love for you to put that ignorant wench in her place by keying her fucking car. I love keying cars!

However, the rational part of me is telling you to connect with a school guidance counsellor involved, and if that doesn’t work, have your parents (if they’re chill with your situation) contact the principal to get this fucking bucket of shit to stop her high school antics. If that doesn’t work, then go higher to the school board or even to the PTA. Maybe even start a petition to get her fired as there are likely other kids that she teaches with the same struggles as you and she needs a gag order to stop her from commenting on mental health.

xo Judge Mental Jones

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