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Narcissistic Incel Ghost Movie Outline That Devon Wouldn’t Even Read

The movie starts in a beautiful house that’s owned by an Angry White Narcissist Incel (ANWI), named Boris. He can’t afford the lifestyle he’s living (to prove to females that he’s rich). And he’s got a legit 100k in credit card debt, plus a mortgage in arrears. 

In the opening scene, Boris is recording a vlog on Youtube about how he hates foreigners for taking his job, how much smarter he is than other men aka Chad’s, and how much he hates all women because none of them ever want to have sex with him, even the old and fat ones too. Then he talks about how he’s jealous of ‘the dogs who have sex with hot girls’ aka Stacy’s in bestiality videos. He thinks those dogs live the best lives because they don’t have to work and also get to have sex with hot Stacy’s. THIS GUY IS INSANE!!!!

Then while he’s vlogging, he gets a text from his girlfriend (we know this because it says GIRLFRIEND on his LG Phone), and it says that she doesn’t want to go on a second date with him because she looked him up on the internet and found his hateful rants against women and some racist stuff too. She’s like ‘I find you absolutely disgusting.’ YOU GO GIRL!

Boris goes ballistic and texts her that she’s a Stacy and that she’s just blackpilled him, as expected. Boris ends the text by calling her a big old cunt too. Exasperated with life, Boris goes to his desk and pulls out his monogrammed personal stationery and sits down to write a letter about how he’s going to kill himself, and how it’s all his ex-girlfriend’s fault. 

Once he’s done mailing it, he searches for ghost spells on the internet and finds a creepy looking witchcraft site. He follows the instructions, which involved making a pubic hair doll using his own pubic hair, and saying some Latin gibberish out loud. And then he kills himself with a gunshot to the head while laughing maniacally. WHAT AN ASSHOLE!!!! Boris is just the worst. A narcissist incel through and through. I feel so sorry for his ex-girlfriend who will now have this on her conscience because he can’t take responsibility for himself in any way whatsoever. 

One year later, a Hispanic guy moves into the house with his Anglo Saxon wife and two children, both girls, 16 and 8 years old respectively. It was their dream home. They sang, and danced, and did gymnastic flips, some karate kicks, and karaoke all around the house. Life was beautiful, and in their minds, nothing could ever ruin this moment of time. They were the American Dream but in real life. However, little did they know, that the Narcissist Ghost of Boris was lurking amongst them and he was only getting angrier by the second because three females and a foreigner were now in his presence. At first, Boris started leaving cupboards open, and TV’s on, but slowly and surely, he let the nastiness of his opinions out in the open too.

The messages were super mean, gross, and racist and they were as follows. The first one was at the expense of the Wife/Mother aka OLDEST STACY. The message was written on her ensuite bathroom mirror, and it said ‘You’re A Fat Loser, You Femoid Fat Loser.’ (She’s not even plus sized, she’s regular sized, but men like Boris are disgusting and give women eating disorders for no reason whatsoever.) And the mom cried, because, who wouldn’t??? 

Then the Hispanic Dad/Husband aka CHAD DAD, is reading his atlas in his study (he loves geography) and when he gets to the page about Mexico, there was a note that said ‘Go back to Mexico, you Chad brownie.’ And CHAD DAD was super upset because he thought he got away from all the racism in their lives by moving to the big city. And then he cried because racism hurts. 

Then the Oldest Child aka MIDDLE STACY, is texting a boy in her room and it’s really pissing off Boris because she’s not paying attention to him, even though he’s a ghost and not visible. DOUBLE ENTENDRE. So he knocks her phone out of her hands, and it blows up against the wall like how the Death Star exploded in Star Wars. Then her tampons fly all over the room and land on the floor with a tampon message that says ’I hope you can never have babies.’ MIDDLE STACY screams in terror and yells for her parents, and they run into the room to see the horror of the tampon message on the ground and reassure her that she can still have kids one day, and that she doesn’t need a man in her life to raise them with, and that she can do it on her own while working a high powered executive job. GIRL POWER! Then, once they’re done sending out that positive message, they all suddenly get super scared when the lights flicker. Boris reminds them that he’s still in control because he’s a narcissist incel monster. 

Then, while those three are occupied, the Youngest Child aka YOUNG STACY, is watching carpentry tutorials on Youtube, when she asks Alexa to make a list of new hammers she needs, and then Alexa replies by saying ‘Boris is going to kill you and your whole family’ like it was possessed and on an infinite loop. YOUNG STACY shrieks like only a little kid can, and the rest of the family furiously runs in to help. Once in the room, all they hear is Alexa’s constant message of death, and they scream in unison, as CHAD DAD calls for an exorcist. AHHHHHHHH! 

CHAD DAD calls every exorcist and clergy person he can think of, but when no one picks up, OLDEST STACY tells him to call a Rabbi even though it’s riskier for him to take the job due to his religion and the Incel anti-semitism. When the Rabbi arrives, holding a Torah that’s in English, the house is being trashed by BORIS, and things are flying everywhere. The whole family is super stoked to see him, but as soon as he’s halfway through introducing himself, a fresh Twenty Dollar Bill flies out of nowhere and slices the RABBI’s head clean off. SO RACIST!! 

All the lights go out, the doors lock, and PURGE like break-in protectors cover the windows. There’s no way out!!! SPOOKY!  They’re all screaming in complete darkness until BORIS finally shows himself. It’s his grand stage and her takes the time to introduce himself by saying ‘Incels in the afterlife is the only life to lead. I’m going to fuck all your butts, I’m going to make them bleed. Even the Chad’s, and that doesn’t make me gay, it just shows that I’m comfortable enough with my sexuality in my pursuit for revenge and the things I know I deserve, like sex. And now I’m going to disappear to create the anticipation of your gruesome deaths as I want to watch you all squirm.’

So after they squirmed enough and did everything they could to break out of the house, which was just a useless effort, Boris eventually gets bored and says ‘You Chad and Stacy’s bore me’ and that’s when a lawn mower comes out of nowhere and grinds up the face of CHAD DAD. WHICH IS SO RACIST CAUSE HE”S HISPANIC!!! The STACY’S scream in a really high pitch because CHAD DAD just got his face ripped off. And then BORIS is like ‘I got rid of the Chad, now a Stacy must have sex with me because I’m the only male left.’ And then all the women scream ‘NEVERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!’ as they run to the front door in another attempt to knock it down. And as fate would have it, they encounter the dead Rabbi once more, which jogs their memory.

MIDDLE STACY shouts out, the Torah, it must have spells in it, so they unscroll it to a page that says ANGRY WHITE NARCISSIST GHOST SPELLS. And it says they need to say this spell while lighting a substantial amount of the ghosts real life pubic hair. YOUNG STACY remembers that she saw a pubic hair doll in the attic and she’s like ‘The ghosts pubes are in the attic. I saw a doll of them while building a desk.’ 

So they run as fast as they can up to the attic but get pushed, pulled, thrown around, by BORIS, and every other obstacle that you can think of on their way. As they’re right below the attic stairs, three pre-nuptial agreements fly out of nowhere, and BORIS yells ‘Sign them! Sign Them!’ and all the STACY’S sign them because they don’t give two shits. They’re all strong positive females that don’t need no man’s money. BUT THEN, OLDEST STACY crumbles to the ground and dies, and not because she had to sign the prenup but because she tried to hold a fart in way too long and it was like a reverse atomic explosion of her intestines that burned her inner organs until nothing was left but a nuclear winter.

The kids were devastated ‘MOMMMM!!!! MOMMMMMMMM!!!! But OLDEST STACY had the wherewithal to keep going to the attic and she dragged her sister with her. From a distance, they spotted the pubic hair doll at the far end of the attic and made a mad dash for it, but got caught in a battle with BORIS about half way. They rolled and wrestled on the ground for like ever.

THEN the movie ends right here because I love open-ended endings.

Credits roll.

HAHA! It was a trick. If you wait until the end of the credits, you’ll see YOUNG STACY lighting the pubic hair doll on fire while reading from the Torah, as BORIS has MIDDLE STACY pinned to the ground, looking like was about to strike her with a knife. AND THEN, he disappears while screaming ‘Noooooooooooooooo!’ Then it gets quieter and quieter until he vanishes.

YOUNG STACY drops the lit pubic hair doll on the ground, and as she embraces her sister, they yell out ‘WE WIN NARCISSIST INCEL GHOST! WE WIN!’ and then they high five. BUT THEN, the pubic hair doll lights the drapes on fire, and those drapes were made of asbestos, and they both die as the house burns down to the foundation. 


End Movie For Real This Time

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