Narcissist Social Media Shutdown Weapon

Posted by Chad The Impaler | Dec 12, 2018 | Narcissist Combat Handbook, Self Esteem | 0 |

Even though the Narcissist Social Media Shutdown Weapon isn’t as useful as other weapons during the great war, it still provides us with a way to annoy the fuck out of a narcissist, which is all just shits and giggles to me.

Sometimes during a tragedy, such as war, you just need to laugh. And with the rise of social media narcissists as the biggest risk to mankind, being able to have a sense of humor, especially at the expense of terrible people, is important to me.

The Narcissist Social Media Shutdown Weapon should be used with a calm and clear mind to gain its full advantage. The calmness gives you the ability to think on your toes and adapt to the changing climate as if everything were moving in slow motion…. like when Neo just tells the bullets to ‘stop’ in The Matrix. 

So when you really want to piss off a narcissist and throw them off their game, specifically the social media ones, all you need to do is ‘not like’ or ‘comment’ on any of their content. NONE! SO PUT YOUR SMARTPHONES AND COMPUTERS AWAY!!!

If you post a nasty comment, then you become nasty yourself, and that pulls you out of the calmness. By saying nothing at all, the social media narcissists will stew like crazy, and all their terrible (yet wonderful) insecurities will start eating them alive until they get a brain aneurysm and die. Obviously this is a very controversial weapon, because most of these social media narcissists can be turned back into regular people once the war is over. So please be careful about which narcissists you want to destroy, as they may have been good people once. 

My friend Justine is a good example, because her son is just a real piece of shit, even though he’s only 11, but all he does is post shirtless pictures of himself in front of sports cars and acts like he’s king shit. And I’m like, someone needs to teach Justine’s kid a lesson because it’s obvious she and her husband aren’t doing a good job (they both work like slaves to the machine and are never home). And that’s when my trusty sidekick, Dr. Jonas Von, has to stop me from deploying this weapon, by reminding me that he’s just a kid and it’s a learned societal behavior and it’s not his fault.

So I’ve listened to the Doc for now, however, once the war starts and I can’t go to jail for giving this narcissist kid brain disease, he’s near the top of my list for sure. I REALLY FUCKING HATE THIS KID! His name’s Randall… ew……

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