My New Roommate Isn’t Taking His Meds And Wants To Throw A Sex Party

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Dear Judge Mental Jones,

My new roommate that I found online waited until I was fully moved in to disclose some pretty heavy mental health information to me. He has audio and visual hallucinations (Schizophrenia) and chooses not to medicate because he’s in school now and wants as much “clarity” as he can get. 

He shared that he left his last place for attacking his roommate during a hallucination. I’ve noticed him writing on the walls which we have a deposit down for. I’m now unsure with how to handle conflict, such as him leaving the pots and pans unwashed for days, destroying the property, and staying up listening to loud music. 

He mentioned he would also be hosting group sex on the weekends which I objected to, but I fear his retaliation since he clarified that it was symptomatic to him. 

I’m no health care professional, but I do battle Bipolar Disorder, and I don’t feel I have the grounds to kick him out. Should I bring it to the landlord? Or just move all over again? How can I handle a potentially violent roommate, without getting into muddy discrimination territory?

Dear My New Roommate Isn’t Taking His Meds And Wants To Throw A Sex Party,

First, if your roommate isn’t going to take the medication that helps him with his schizophrenia, then you should move out of there as fast as possible. We are all for the end the stigma of mental health issues, but your roommate needs to do his part as those medications are needed for him to live a normal life.

And how in the hell can this guy leverage his mental health to the extent of using it almost as a threat to conquer the property? Just get out of the situation!! He’s opting for no meds when the symptoms are visual and audio debilitation….And AFTER attacking someone! He has set himself up for an alibi and no accountability!!

Bite the financial bullet and find a new place to live.

xo Judge Mental Jones

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