Ode To Anorexia

Posted by Julia Chyrst | Jun 20, 2018 | Art, Bad Poetry, Body Image, Community Collaboration | 0 |

I haven’t been around Massive Phobia for awhile because I’ve been so busy with school and volleyball, and volleyball is life, so sometimes things fall by the wayside based on my religious priorities. Squad being my religion of choice of course. I was re-reading some of the poetry I had written between practices and homework, and one of them seemed like a good fit for this site. So I pitched it to my old bosses, and they thought my Ode To Anorexia was bad enough to include here, and I couldn’t be prouder.

I’ve practically lived in locker rooms throughout my whole teenage high school experience, so I know a little thing or two about anorexia. I’ve seen and been through it all. I can tell exactly who isn’t eating based on their skin glow and muscle tone. I used to think that Anorexia was a girl’s best friend, but over the years I saw how unhealthy and sick, myself and my fellow squad mates were getting. Last year, Jeannie Andrews just passed right out during state finals due to malnutrition and needed eight stitches to fix a gash after her head bounced off the baseline.

Scary stuff right there. What’s scarier though, is that at one time, I thought being anorexic was cool and that it actually made me hot. I look at those pictures now, and my protruding bones make me want to barf, but not in a bulimic sort of way. EW!

Anyway, this piece of bad poetry below shows you just how screwed up my thinking was at the time, and to let you know that there’s more to life than having a perfect body, especially when you have Volleyball and Squad in your corner.

Love, Julia Chryst

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