My Friend Is The Opposite Of Empathy. What Should I Do?

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Dear Judge Mental Jones,

The other day, I broke down to my friend about how difficult life has been lately with bills mounting, and the attention my son needs, with his autism and some physical issues. His older sibling also feels like I’m paying no attention to her, and I also have a mother who’s a narcissist. I expected some empathy from my best friend, but she had none for me. It seems she thinks I’m always playing the victim and thinks I should grow up. This is my friend of 30 years and it’s made me feel more alone than ever. Do I keep her around?

Dear My Friend Is The Opposite Of Empathy,

It seems like you have a knack for attracting narcissists, like your ASSWIPE friend of over 30 years.  It seems she’s overstayed her welcome in your life too. So maybe it’s time to say, BYE BISH! 

You can’t get blood from a rock or empathy from a Vampire so let your self-centred unhappy attention-seeking friend who advises you to “grow up” (which means rack up debt and lose your sex life, right??) that if “Growing Up” entails being friends with some HOMEWRECKER (in the mother-son sense, duh) and to stop “playing the victim” (read: taking care of your son and managing your home life) that she is fired. But say it like Vince McMahon would.

Either way, just because you’ve spent a long time making a mistake doesn’t mean that you have to stay committed to it for 30 more years… 

Your children are key players and an investment in our collective future so THIS bitch needs an emotional facelift to be worthy of your time and – in fact – could do some “growing up” herself by learning to at least FAKE empathy like the rest of us. I KID. I love you and all my readers.

What a lonely soul she is. Maybe she needs some “time off” from your friendship to get some introspective on who she’s accusing you of playing the victim (coz you see yourself in others, Janice. That’s probably not even her name but that’s what I’ve named her now.). 

Now, I know you probably don’t want to give up on your friend that easy and that’s fair. There may be more going on than meets the eye in this situation. She might be going through her own issues and needs someone to be there for her. And Janice may feel that the focus might always turn to you, thus leaving her feeling resentful, as her needs aren’t being met. So before you listen to my helpful ranting, I think you should probe further with your friend and have a real heart to heart. If that doesn’t work out, then rip her heart out and eat it. Also, while you’re eating it, text me and tell me how good it tastes.

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