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This weeks version of ‘In an Alternate Universe There’s a Happy Version of Me Somewhere’ comes the story of me, Laurel Leaside. If you’ve known me for a long time, you’d know that I love the wonders of the water and many people think I should have been born a sea creature. Here’s my story.

The Ocean is gently rocking us; it is the freshest and happiest She has ever been. All Her inhabitants from the biggest to the smallest are humming their heart songs silently in unison, and my new best friends have invited me to hum along. Our bellies are full of the most succulent crustaceans and juiciest bivalves; a feast fit for Merkin. We bob along and laze in silky strings of kelp rising from the forest deep below. Tranquil and at peace we dream of the very best game of hide and seek that is soon to come. I am welcome, and I belong. Oh ya, and I have mermaid hair:)

I hope you enjoy my creation as it makes me giggle with glee every time I take a look at it.

Otter Pals by Laurel Leaside

Little Known Fact:

The kids game ‘Hide and Seek’ has been traced back as far as 2nd Century (BCE) Greece. Julius Pollux apparently described a game called Apodidraskinda, which involved choosing one player who would keep their eyes shut for a set time, and then try to find the other players. However, this is incorrect. It was actually created in 1st Century (BCE) Australia, when an Oxen named Olly tricked his owners by playing his new made up game, ‘Hide and Seek.’ When their eyes closed, he burst from his pen instead of hiding as he told them he would, and screamed out “Olly Olly Oxen Free,” as he was a slave no more. That was until he fell asleep near a lake at night and was eaten by a crocodile and he was alive no more. This is all according to the great-great-great-great-grandson of the crocodile that ate him, named George, as this story has passed through his family for generations.

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