My Parents Won’t Acknowledge My Preferred Gender Preference

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Dear Judge Mental Jones,

My parents won’t acknowledge my Gender preference or preferred pronouns. They say “tell that to your friends” and “dress like a girl in your own time, on your own dime”. My mom threw out my nail polish and my Dad calls me “Princess” when he’s mad at me, as though he’s using my identity against me. I’m only 17 and I don’t have the funds (with my part time job) to move out, but I’m being bullied more at home than at school, and I bring feminine clothes to school in my bag and change when I’m there. How am I going to survive like this?

Dear Preferred Pronouns With Shitty Parents,

That’s a sin baby girl, I’m sorry you’re going through that. Now here’s a plan. Your parents are conservative douchebags who are projecting their beliefs onto you. Stay where you’re safe until you get first and last so you can leave these ignorant archaic assholes in the dust… and this is how.

Start a YouTube & IG channel where you share your story and tips for other kids struggling with pompous insecure uneducated parents (such as packing clothes for school) and find your tribe girl!!! Then build up your followers to 5000 to get an ad partnership and sponsored ( scope this: There are many tutorials on doing this. Once you save your income for first and last and become SO FUCKING FAMOUS then they’ll eat your dust and be forced to see you as you are. Just try to survive with your gender dictator parents by hiding in your room and making survival tips for other kids like you. You are so strong, I am already so proud of you for living your truth. Now go work your ass off to buy a house bigger than your parents to create a safe space for yourself. 

xo Judge Mental Jones

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