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Do you battle Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and the intrusive thoughts that come with it? Well, you’re in luck as there’s now a messenger app to help you called PAX.

PAX works with Facebook Messenger and is meant to act as a middleman and to bridge the gap between realizing something might be going on and seeking actual treatment, according to its founders Aaron Harvey and Rose Breteche.

“We both felt that our long journeys to answers could have been cut down significantly if there had been information out there,” Bretecher said.

Pax provides an overview of OCD and is not meant to replace a doctor or therapist. Pax also recommends treatments and lifestyle habits that have helped others. Harvey hopes Pax will empower people to seek professional treatment if needed.

Unlike Google or WebMD searches, PAX has been programmed to be more human-like and less clinical with its responses by using humor and even emojis when responding to queries. It’s brilliant at keeping the conversation light.

When a user connects with Pax, the chatbot lets the user know that they’ll be “exploring” intrusive thoughts and how to handle them. Pax gives many common examples of intrusive thoughts and has videos of people (including Harvey and Bretecher) talking about their experiences.

“The main vision to create Pax was to essentially recreate the experience of sitting down with someone and walking them through how to handle a particular disorder, and that’s something you can’t get from a website,” Harvey said.

Hopefully, Pax does the job it was created for and shows people that they are not alone and provides people with the empathy they need.

To meet PAX, click here.

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