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The other day I was sitting at home and procrastinating from doing any work on this website when I got a text from my colleague and fellow writer here, Laurel Leaside. She told me that I had to watch a Web Tv Series called People Watching and that it was made for me. 

How can one not give a show a chance on that type of recommendation? 

She sent me the teaser trailer which I will leave for you to see below, and at the end of this review, I’ll leave every episode for you to watch so don’t you worry.

After watching this trailer, I was just enthralled with how thought provoking it was. Everything we are trying to build toward on this site, I felt that this show was doing the same thing but on a way deeper level. I wanted to know everything about the Director-Writer Winston Rowntree and I delved deeper down the internet to find out. Then when I was ready, I binged watched the whole season of People Watching. Don’t worry, the episodes are around eight minutes each, so it won’t take that long, but boy, are these an interesting eight minutes.

The dialogue reminds me of Richard Linklater at his best. Richard Linklater was the writer/director of Dazed and Confused, Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight, and Boyhood amongst many other wonderful films. I love Richard Linklater, and now I loved Winston Rowntree.

In Episode Three, Dating with Depression, if you aren’t brought close to tears by the end of the episode, then you may not be human. I was taken aback that a cartoon of all things was able to get me to feel this way, but this was the art and genius of Winston Rowntree.

Throughout the whole series, you had highs and lows, and smiles and laugh out loud moments too. With a deft touch, Winston Rowntree weaved stories of this community of people who all had life/mental health issues and were all open to talk about it. There was communication between everyone which just pointed out that we sorely lack this in the real world today. It has an openness about who we actually are without being afraid to let others know what’s going on with us.

It’s a brave show, and I truly hope that everyone who reads this, watches it, and loves it as much as everyone at Massive Phobia did. We love People Watching and can’t wait to delve deeper into the Subnormality comic book series of Winston Rowntree, and we’re happy to say that there will now be a Season Two of People Watching as well.

You can read the Subnormality comics of Winston Rowntree at Virus Comics and you can donate to the Season 2 of People Watching Indiegogo Campaign by CLICKING HERE.

I love this show and I think it’s perfect for our audience, meaning you. Enjoy! And also try and support Winston Rowntree as I want to see more stuff from him for the foreseeable future. I’m being selfish but am I really? I’m asking for someone else………

Here are the rest of the episodes of People Watching.

If you made it all the way down here, that means you mostly likely loved People Watching as much as I did. So I’ll do my best to promote Winston Rowntree again. You can read the Subnormality comics of Winston Rowntree at Virus Comics and you can donate to the Season 2 of People Watching Indiegogo Campaign by CLICKING HERE.

If you or a loved one you know is battling mental health issues, please do get the help you need. If you need to talk to someone now, you can talk to one of the many fantastic therapists at Better Help by CLICKING HERE.

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Photo Credit: Winston Rowntree

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