Phobia of the Change Room

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Fashion Chapter 2 Verse 3:  The 12 Levels of the Change Room

“It is well for us that, amidst all the variableness of life, there is One whom change cannot affect; One whose heart can never alter, and on whose brow mutability can make no furrows.” – Charles Spurgeon 

Julia’s eyes rolled back into her head.

“mom PLEEEEAASSEEE I will never ask you for anything ever again. Nate ALWAYS gets the clothes he wants and EVERYONE at school is WEARING THIS HOODIE. PLEEEAAASSEEE mom.” She scream whispered under her breath in the back of the store.

Her mom’s mouth curled up at the sides, a sure-fire sign she was not going to get what she wanted today.

“You really want to look like everyone else? Look at the girls who work here, I could break them like twigs. And it stinks. And it’s dark in here I hate it.” They both looked around at the short dresses of the cashiers and the sexy posters on the walls.

“Mom that’s literally all I want in the whole world. I want to look like everyone else and this hoodie is how I’m gonna do it!!” Julia was shaking with frustration at her mom’s casual tone. She knew that this was going to be one of her ‘character building’ moments.

“If I try on all the stuff you want me to try on, can I just try on the hoodie and show you how it looks??” Julia bargained. Her mom held her gaze. It was Achilles versus Ajax.

Her mom rolled her eyes and Julia jumped giddily. She raced around the store gathering up her items and then dragged her mother into the changing room.

Once inside, she realized the problem she was going to have to face.

The fluorescent lighting. The tiny cute dresses. This was going to wind her dysphoria up tighter than a rubber band ball.

She slipped into the first little number, and it fell awkwardly on her hips. She showed her mother who shook her head and she went back for a second. The next one didn’t fit her boobs the right way, and the one after that she couldn’t even wear out of the changeroom.

After a few minutes Julia’s mom called out to her tentatively.

“Julia? Sweetie? Everything alright in there?”

Julia opened the door, fighting back tears.

“Nothing fits me right. I hate my body and I hate how I look in all of this stuff. I don’t look like those girls on the posters.”

Her mother’s face softened.

“Honey, those girls don’t look like those girls on the poster. Fluorescent lighting in changerooms was an idea thought up by men who thought it would be funny to make women try on clothes that make their thighs look like the surface of the moon.” Julia sniffled. “….you still have the hoodie left to try on….” Her mother posited.

Julia’s eyes lit up and she turned back into the changeroom to pridefully slide the soft hoodie over her arms and zipped up the front. A perfect, and casual fit.

“Don’t tell your father.” said Julia’s mother.

And for that brief moment, a serene peace flooded the change room of the local Hollister.

All was right in the heart of Julia Chryst.

And her father never knew.

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