Phobia of Chaos

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Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 1

In the beginning, there was peace. A dark wind swept across still waters, creating each of the 20 points of the Weight Watcher’s day. Then there was JULIA CHRYST, a smart yet confused teenager who was left back in 3rd grade, but still, she was good. Then there was NATE (Julia’s Brother), and he was just….. ok.  Then there was Julia’s vain and divorced mother, Jan. And she said “Let there be a diet within this household. I want to try this new one that Gwyneth Paltrow is on.” And it was so.

And henceforth there was Chaos. No more was eating and exercising something to be done mindlessly, or for reasons of health. Sisterhood was no longer sanctuary, but was a piece in a larger, sinister, game of volleyball.

There was resentment on the part of JULIA towards NATE, who seemed to inhale calories as if they could speed up his pubescence, and without any anxiety. Then there was school, and it was alright. Thine volleyball team was sacred, and its practices are thine rituals. Math class was only paid attention to on the rare occasions that BRANSTON (Julia’s First Love) was present and JULIA should look smart cause she believed guys liked smart girls.

If she had to pick one person to be from Sex and the City, JULIA would def be CARRIE , but like with a little bit of SAMANTHA cause she’s badass but CARRIE is way skinnier and successful. JULIA did not believe MARISSA (Julia’s Best Friend) who said she was CHARLOTTE because EW! NO WAY!

And then on one magical night (that reminded Julia of the time her friend Marissa gave her magic mushrooms to eat on the guise that they were real mushrooms), from the roof of her bedroom, a holy wisdom descended onto JULIA during her nightly sit-ups and she entered into a trance. The painstaking neuroses that she had suffered surrounding her self image weighed upon her like a heavenly body, and she just knew something was different. Change brewed within her like when Laguna Beach morphed into The Hills. A new era had begun in the life of JULIA. The holy wisdom comforted her, and bestowed upon her these ten commandments of love, life, and #lift.


And the journey of Julia Chryst, and by default her Volleyball squad too, cause according to commandment #4, there’s no ‘I’ in Team, were on their way to becoming better than ok. 

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