Phobia of Little Brothers

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Nate Chapter 5 Verse 1

It shall come to pass that evil will reside in one’s home. You will feel an evil presence, and you must persist above it, and resist the urge to wedgie him, or call mom. The evil presence is your blood and kin. NATE, they will call him in years to come, and his name shall mean DEATH.

Julia walked the ten minutes home from school to her mother’s house, and her boots crunched in the snow. She reviewed the day’s social successes and faux pas’, then listened to her favorite songs. She remembered how feeling cold burns more calories than being warm, and that pushed her feet forward.

She warmed up as she approached her house, stepped in and shook off the cold and the snow. She entered her bedroom, and no sooner had she entered than she let out a blood-curdling scream.

Nate looked up wide-eyed from the pages of Julia’s fashion magazines.

“GET OOOOOOOOUUUUTTTTTTT!! MOOOOOOOOOOMM” rang through the house and Nate picked up the magazines and tore out the door beside her.

Julia slammed the door and huffed onto her bed. She looked down at the stack of magazines beside her. She picked up a copy of Seventeen Magazine and looked at the body of the woman on the page. Perfectly proportioned, with a tiny waist, looking brooding towards the camera.

On the opposite side of the page was a male model, thin and lean, his shoulder and hip bones poking out towards the reader. “Why was he looking at this page?” wondered Julia out loud.

She walked down the hallway towards Nate’s room and knocked on the door with the magazine in her hand. He poked his head out sheepishly.

“What do you want?”

“Why were you looking at my magazine? If you’re being a weird pervert for the models, you were opened to a pretty weird page.” She held up the male/female center spread.

“I wasn’t looking at her” he sputtered defensively.

“Then why were you looking at him?”

Nate looked down at his toes. “The guys in gym class today were making fun of me…they said I couldn’t see my penis because my stomach was in the way.”

Julia laughed. Nate scowled at her. “It’s not funny! I just thought maybe I should lose some weight and those guys in the magazines are so skinny.”

It dawned on Julia that she wasn’t the only one in her house that was going through a confusing, pubescent time. “Nate, listen to me. You have no reason to feel insecure about your body. You’re as healthy as every one of those boys.” She closed the magazine. “Don’t look at this stuff. It’s not good to compare. These people aren’t real.”

They returned to their individual rooms. It began to dawn on Julia that boys also dealt with their body insecurities brought on from negative media images in a similar way to her peer group and they bullied each other just as much as girls did.

Julia felt bad in a way for Nate that she didn’t feel bad for her fellow girls. Nate had no one to look up to for positivity. Male body image was such a recent issue that Nate probably felt as if he were completely alone in these feelings.

It was the first time Julia felt connected to Nate, and she began to cry. She felt his pain deeply as she’d experienced the same issues too. It was at this moment, Julia finally recognized Nate as her brother and vowed to support him through his difficult times.

It turns out; Family runs deeper than Volleyball. And Volleyball is life.

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