Phobia of the Locker Room Part Two

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Locker Room Chapter 3 Verse 2

The girls of VBALL continued to train, as the Tournament of the County was drawing near. In the locker room they waited endlessly for 40 minutes and many seconds, and the crowd began to grow tense. A shrill cry pierced the silence, and a dense haze fell upon the Femme Social Dynamic.

Said Casey, “DON’T LOOK I’M NAKED.”

To the sound and motion many looked, realizing disappointedly immediately that their own bitter fates had been sealed. Those with quicker reflexes and more experience looked down at their feet, willfully oblivious to the surrounding martyrs.

At those who looked; an accusation.

“You’re a lesbian, and you’re a lesbian, and you’re a lesbian and you-….”

Each girl a film slide, more and more nervous of the next. Not only did they not want to be the day’s designated Locker Room Lesbian, but for a brief moment, all eyes of the locker room were on them and their exposed pre-Tournament bodies. 

Each girl crumbled under the weight of Casey’s proclamation, each fell to the self-esteem wayside with the knowledge that such a micro aggressive incident had the power to shock their confidence for an entire day.

JULIA shuddered. She had looked, but was not nearly as noticeable by virtue of her position in the locker-room. When Casey swiveled in her direction she hesitated. The girls regarded her, and for a brief moment her biggest insecurities were exposed to the demographic from whence they came.

There were some situations in which her elementary school failure of being held back served her in positive ways in her high school career. JULIA scoffed, the room’s energy electric.

“This game is stupid.” And a tradition thus far had been challenged.

And Casey answered JULIA. “probably cuz you’re a lesbian.” More and more attention was being drawn to the girls, and JULIA’s body began to feel hot and noticed. 

Why would being a lesbian matter within the realm of the locker room? JULIA knew deep within herself that it was insecurity personified in Casey that was the cause of the room’s mood.

JULIA scoffed, and the issue was dismissed. The Tournament of the County began, and the girls clothed and moved to their positions. JULIA felt the most sorry for the girls who she knew would feel objectively worse than she would, those who bent over and faced the puke green painted walls when changing. And it was these girls that Casey was attacking, and not JULIA. 

And it was these girls, that felt shame for something that was not shameful.

And shame has no place in Volleyball, as Volleyball is life.

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