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This weeks edition of product placement examples has got to be one of my favorites. We’re talking about one of my true heroes, being the sleazy advertising executive that I am, the newly departed White House Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci and the topic of shame.

Shame (which I don’t feel) is often confused with guilt (which I also don’t feel), and they couldn’t be two more entirely separate beasts.

Guilt is an emotion you will feel when there’s a wrongdoing, in which you feel remorseful and want to make it better or make amends. It’s a feeling that you will most likely openly talk about. And I will most likely make you feel guilty about something in hopes you’ll buy what I’m selling. Whereas, with shame, it informs you of an internal state of inadequacy, unworthiness, dishonor, or regret about which others may or may not be aware. Shame is a feeling that you’ll most likely not discuss with anyone and therein lies its biggest danger. Shame doesn’t help me in my work life very much, but I do like to use it when getting the upper hand in all of my relationships.

In guilt, I did a bad thing; in shame, I am a bad person. It’s a big difference, and I love manipulating both of them.

Now that we’ve defined the difference, let’s get back to just shame, shaming and the shameless, as I have some books to sell here. Buy So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed Today!

Now back to the man of the hour, my main man, the Mooch, Anthony Scaramucci. He is a man that in his first and last week on the job, said some foul mouthed, disgusting things about other people, and had no shame in doing so. He was shaming people left, right and center, and then became someone that was shamed because of it. However, this man has no shame, so the media shaming did not work on him, and that’s why I love him so. A man after my own heart. So he got fired?! He won’t sweat it for one second.

I’m sure many of you might find him disgusting, but yet at the same time, he is so shameless that it’s quite endearing to me.

The feeling of shame is like having a war within you (from what I’m told), but living a life without the emotion of shame, most likely means you’re a Narcissist, Sociopath, or Psychopath. Wait, is this article about me? Indeed it might be. Have I told you to buy the book, So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed? It’s one of the most informative books about people like me, and you’ll soon have an appreciation for people like the Mooch and I that you didn’t have before.

Anthony Scaramucci had no problem shaming other people in the last two weeks, and that brings us to the book ‘So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed’ by Jon Ronson. It’s a very 21st-century book about what it’s like to be shamed by the mob mentality of the internet. You, nice people, think you’re so much better than me, but guess what? When you get the chance to shame someone and get away with it, you don’t miss a beat.

By digging into the stories and conducting interviews with well-known people like disgraced author and journalist Jonah Lehrer and ordinary, previously unknown people like Justine Sacco, Ronson provides a vivid and disturbing picture of what happens to the people on the receiving end of vigilante-style justice. It raises interesting philosophical questions about what this means for our larger culture.

This book’s strength is that it humanizes the people on the receiving end of Internet justice and makes you ponder whether the scorched earth campaign waged against people like Justine Sacco is justified. At the end of the day, her life has not only been damaged, but destroyed, and it may remain that way forever, thanks to Google taking and storing everything anyone has ever said online. Does that punishment really fit the crime?

People should be called out for their bad behavior, but do they deserve to have their lives decimated? Do they deserve for their family and friends to have to worry about being associated with them, for fear that their names might be tainted as well?

Will this happen to the Anthony Scaramucci, his soon to be ex-wife and all of his children? Is that fair to him, even though he hasn’t been fair to others? Are we still living in the era of an eye for an eye, but call it a Shame for a Shame?

Just like the Honey Badger, people like Mooch and Me won’t give a fuck. However, his family, that has real feelings might think otherwise. Think about the family people.

This book was pretty much the best book ever written from the guy who wrote the Psychopath Test, which was pretty freaky as it was like reading a book that knew me so well. This guy does his research like no other. Buy the book So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed now, or I won’t be able to afford the payments to feed my poor adopted children in Africa.

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