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The below photo, though recent in terms of calling something iconic, to us at Massive Phobia, is quite a significant slash iconic moment in time.

The United States is a very me-first culture, and with the rise of social media, the next generation of human beings are becoming the most narcissistic generation to walk the earth. Arguably one of the most narcissistic and ego driven people in America is Kanye West, who also married the most narcissistic reality show personality of all time as well. That shouldn’t be a shocker.

The moment of time below captures Kanye’s narcissism at it’s best. On full display for the whole world to see, West interrupts the celebration of Taylor Swift because he felt she didn’t deserve to win over his friend Beyonce. It was the equivalent of an adult attempting to take candy from a baby and trying to justify it because his point of view is always right.

Do you have anyone like this in your life? Are they toxic? Do they believe their life takes precedent over yours? Do you let it happen?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, this product placement examples is for you.

ego is the enemy, kayne west and tailor swift

 I Bought This Book For You | Kanye West

Ego Is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday is an essential read in our opinion. It’s just one of the most needed books today. The stories are excellent, the wisdom is true, and the book helps to navigate an ego inflating world. “Now more than ever, our culture fans the flames of ego. It’s never been easier to talk, to puff ourselves up.” Ego Is the Enemy is a book that everyone young person should read. It will inspire you to focus on substance, and not with an obsession on image. Three thumbs up from us if that’s possible.

To purchase a copy of Ego Is the Enemy  just click on the title.

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