Setting Boundaries With Your Adult Children

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This week we created a little photo alteration for you that involves the President of the United Sates, Donald Trump, whom I think is the greatest human being to ever live, and the book Setting Boundaries with Your Adult Children.

This issue, tackled by this fascinating book, is now becoming more prevalent these days. As society coddles children more than ever. We have a generation of do nothings on our hands and I’m here to show you our latest product that’s going to set this world ablaze and have productivity soaring. Now who is with me on this? That’s right, you parents are and I feel for you. And that’s right, you adult kids are, because I feel for you too. Everyone here is wrong, but none of you are to blame. How do you like that? So let’s start brand new.

Have I sold you yet? How about this? One day your adult child can still be President of the United States. This book can help you get there.

The book tackles the adult child problem with the S.A.N.I.T.Y. philosophy, and if you’re an Atheist, don’t let all the god talk in this book throw you off. Just ignore it like you mostly likely did to your children when they were younger. I sure did and it worked magically!

The below boundaries were written by a real professional/expert in their field, Dr. I Know What I’m Talking About. I think you should listen to him because he’ll fix your life….guaranteed.

S.A.N.I.T.Y. for Setting Boundaries with Your Adult Children

S – Stop enabling. Enabling may be useful when you are helping someone grow. If they make it, they spend it. If you make it, and they spend it, you’ve made your bed on that one.

A – Assemble a support group. Setting boundaries is not easy, especially when the person is someone you love dearly. Look for someone who will challenge you, give you wisdom and guidance, and offer you their strength and hope.

N – Nip excuses in the bud. An excuse is “a reason or explanation that defends or justifies a fault or offense”. Reasons don’t change behavior. Behavior changes behavior.

I – Implement rules and limits. Consider what your boundaries are, what you are comfortable allowing, and what is non-negotiable. Write it down. Get specific. Next, communicate clearly what the rule or boundary is as well as the consequence of not honoring the rule or boundary. This allows your child to make a choice. Having a choice is freedom. Once you have clearly established your limits, implement and maintain them.

T – Trust your instincts. Setting boundaries in relationships is not like solving a mathematical equation. You know that voice inside that tells you something isn’t right? That same voice can also tell you what is right. Take the risk and trust it.

If you are and Atheist, don’t bother with Y. However, if you do believe in God, Y is the best part of this book.

Y – Yield everything to God. It is an act of surrender and acceptance to turn your child over to God. God knows what your child needs in order to realize things need to change in his or her life. He knows how to help them change, if they are willing. Yielding your child to God allows them the opportunity to open themselves to real change. Get out of God’s way and let him work. Pause, and surrender your child to him (over and over again).

Have you bought this book yet? What are you waiting for? Okay, how about you buy the book Setting Boundaries with Your Adult Children and I’ll throw in this amazing one of a kind picture I made that sums up everything we just talked about and then some? Sold!
Temper Tantrum in a red car
Temper Tantrum
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