The Power of Smoking

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How many of you out there are smokers? Well, I’m not. However, I do consider myself a career second-hand smoker. In fact, I think my mom smoked with me in the womb. I wouldn’t be out here hawking you products, for my product placement examples masterpiece, like I am right now if some brain damage didn’t occur during my brain forming days. I don’t have any shame because of it, thank you, mother.

As the advertising executive that you know and love, or possibly hate, my job for this website is to make cool looking pictures about products we think you should be aware of. I mean, this website has to make some money somehow. It’s not like my bosses are going to make it by selling diary entries or kids pictures. Am I right? You bet your sweet, supple asses I’m right.

So let me tell you about this fantastic book called The Power of Habit which I personally think you should buy, as it changed my life and will most definitely change your life too. I wouldn’t have a super hot wife, a mistress, three homes, one of which is in the Hampton’s, five Italian sports cars, and the biggest yacht in Boca Raton, without using the principles in this book.

Habits work in 3-step loops: cue, routine, reward. The book breaks everything down so nicely that a 3rd grader could understand all the research and the case studies. Then, the kid will still be so awake after; it would have enough energy to play with the new App it was bribed with for reading the book in the first place.

There’s an example of applying the habit loop to working out in the mornings(which I do all the time because I’m super buff). You can leave the shoes next to your bed (cue), set out to take 100 steps outside (routine), then reward yourself with chocolate(I reward myself by heading over to my Mistress’ residence). This will set up the memory of enjoying the workout until the new routine becomes a habit and the reward, in reality, is the runner’s high you get from exercising….. and then some you know what in my case.

Keystone habits prepare the foundation of major habit change through small wins and by creating structures so that other habits can flourish. For example, making your bed in the morning sets the tone for a structured day(I have a Housekeeper, so this doesn’t apply to me. I re-organize my German hand made watch collection every morning as it really gets my juices flowing), and approximately 40% of what we do happens on autopilot.

New habits will help you exercise your discipline. Willpower is a learnable skill, and you can strengthen over time with three things: the cue, the routine, and the reward, once you identify them. One girl in the case studies had a severe nail biting problem(which disgusts me), and they resolved it by making her notice her cues. Eventually, she traded nail biting with rubbing her hands together (still not mistress material in my books but apples and oranges they say). The cues stayed, but the behavior changed.

It’s probably no surprise that community can influence your goals, even if it’s only two people. So whether it’s a Fight Club, a Fitbit Group, or a Neighbor (whom I loathe) with the same goals – support can go a long way in creating new permanent behaviors.

The author notes that there is a fine line between habits and addictions (ex. cocaine, and even more cocaine) but habits can be changed by removing cues that trigger the routine or by replacing the bad routine with a good one.

I know you want to buy the book The Power of Habit now and you should because I’m living proof that this book works.

Below here we have a beautiful piece of Art work that I put together using a photo by the magnificent Sally Mann. Her work isn’t as good as mine, in my humble opinion.

smoking young girlProduct Placement Examples | The Power of Smoking

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To purchase a copy of The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business just click on the title name.

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