When Bad Things Happen to Bernie Sanders

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We’re Bernie Sanders people on this website, and to us, he was the anti-establishment candidate of the people. We don’t have any sympathy for Hilary Clinton because she stacked the deck against a compassionate man of the people who cares about his country.

If anyone wants to point the finger at the Trump administration for trying to bend Democracy, Hilary Clinton had her hand in undoing it herself. She had the Art of the Backroom Deal perfected until Wikileaks came around. 

We hope you enjoy this Product Placement Example.

The Art of Screwing Bernie

The Art of Screwing Bernie

The basic premise of When Bad Things Happen to Good People, is that bad things happen because of the imperfect world we live in and the freedom of each of us to choose. In relation to Hilary Clinton, bad things occurred to her because she made her own poor choices. These choices then came back to haunt her. This book will you examine your own life and the choices you make, good and bad. 

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