Hey Paul Manafort, You Forgot Your Secret

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Do you believe in the Laws of Attraction? Do you believe your thoughts and feelings have the ability to manipulate an energy force to all of your desires? Do you believe that’s what Paul Manafort used when he did his best to help Donald Trump eventually win the presidency of the United States? Do you believe in ‘The Secret’?

If our thoughts are negative, we attract negative things. If our feelings are positive, we attract positive things. The essential message of ‘The Secret’ is that we all have the power to determine our own destiny. We can all create our own reality.

What do you think? Have you read ‘The Secret’? Does it work for you?

We think Paul Manafort and the whole Trump campaign team read ‘The Secret.’ How else could he have won if it wasn’t for positivity?

Enjoy our Product Placement Example.

The secret of Paul Manafort

Hey Paul Manafort, You Forgot Your Secret | The Secret

‘The Secret’ is not without its controversies. Many critics believe the book offers false hope to those in actual need of more conventional assistance in their lives. Others claim it to be pseudoscience.

Even in its controversy, it’s sold 19 million copies worldwide and has helped many change their lives. There are no quick fixes in life and books aren’t quick fixes. They can provide you tools, as this book does, but you always have to do the work. Using tools from ‘The Secret’ are very helpful, but just to remind you, you still have issues that created your problems and those need to be dealt with too.

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