Pyrography: Slowing Down Your Life by Burning Images Onto Wood

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If you haven’t heard of pyrography, let me explain.

Few activities can soothe the soul like creating art. Whether you’re a painter, sculptor, or musician, engaging in creative expression can be a way to lose yourself in the moment and forget your troubles.

For some people, however, this isn’t possible. They may find that they are unable to relax and let their creativity flow. This is often because they are struggling with a mental health disorder such as anxiety or depression (or something completely different like Sad Clown Syndrome).

For these people, engaging in creative activities may do more harm than good. It can be frustrating and demoralizing to try to create something when you’re feeling down, and it may only serve to aggravate your condition. If this is the case for you, then it may be time to try something different: pyrography art.

What Is Pyrography?

Pyrography is the art of making designs in wood using a heated poker or other tools. This wood-burning art, also known as fire needle embroidery, has been around for centuries and was once a popular way to decorate household items such as picture frames, mantelpieces, wooden spoons, and door panels. Today, the traditional folk art of wood burning is enjoying a resurgence in popularity, thanks in part to its therapeutic properties.

The repetitive nature of pyrography, or decorating wood with a soldering iron, can be calming and meditative, and the act of creating something beautiful with burn marks can be deeply satisfying.

Pyrography is also a relatively low-cost hobby that doesn’t require a lot of equipment or space. Whether you’re looking to relax or to create something unique, pyrography may be the perfect activity for you and can be a beautiful reminder of your journey to recovery.

Wood Burning Steps

pyrography steps for getting started

If you’re interested in trying pyrography as a way to cope with your anxiety or depression, here are a few tips to get you started.

Choose the Right Wood

Woods differ. Not all woods are created equal when it comes to wood burning. Some woods are more difficult to burn than others, and some produce more smoke and fumes than others. So how do you choose the right wood for your pyrography project?

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

The hardness of the wood. Harder woods are more difficult to burn, so if you’re a beginner, you may want to start with softer wood, especially for good contrast.

The density of the wood. Denser woods will produce more smoke and fumes when burned, so if you’re sensitive to smoke, you may want to avoid these types of woods.

The grain of the wood. When burning, the grain of the wood can cause the flames to spread in unpredictable ways. So if you’re looking for more controlled burns, you may want to choose a wood with a tighter grain.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can choose the right wood for your pyrography project and ensure great burning designs.

Prepare Your Wood

Before you start using a pyrography pen, there are a few things you need to do to prepare your wood. First, you need to sand the surface of the wood with fine sandpaper to create a smooth base. Then, you need to apply a thin layer of artist’s oil or varnish. This will help to protect the wood from burning and will also make it easier to create burn marks resulting in crisp lines.

Finally, you need to choose the right pyrography pen or metal implement. There are many different types of pens on the market, so it’s important to do some research to find one that suits your needs. With a little bit of preparation, you’ll be ready to create beautiful pyrography designs in no time.

Draw Your Design

Drawing your design for pyrography is easy – and there are a few different ways that you can do it.

One popular method is to use carbon paper to transfer your design onto the wood. Simply place the carbon paper underneath your design, and then trace over the lines with a pencil or pen. The heat from the pyrography pen will then transfer the design onto the wood.

Another option used by skilled sketchers is to print your design onto special pyrography paper. This paper is coated with a heat-sensitive material, which will turn brown when exposed to heat. Once your design is printed onto the paper, simply place it onto the wood and trace over the lines with your pyrography pen.

Whichever method you choose, drawing your design onto the wood is easy – and it’s a great way to get started with pyrography art.

Start Burning

Now comes the fun part: burning your design into the wood. This is where you’ll need to focus on remaining calm and steady. The key is to go slowly and take breaks often. The first step is to choose your burning tip.

There are different tips you can use for a woodburning pen. Thin tips are good for details like thin straight lines, while thicker tips are better for large areas. You’ll also need to choose a power setting. Higher settings will create darker burns, while lower settings will produce lighter burns. Once you have your tip and power setting chosen, you’re ready to start burning.

Begin by tracing your artwork design onto the wood with the solid tips. Then, slowly move the hot tip along the lines of your design, letting the fire do its work with different effects. Pyrography art is a great way to add personalization to your woodworking projects. With a little practice, anyone can create beautiful designs using this ancient art.

Finish Your Project

Once you’ve finished burning your design, you may want to apply a clear coat to protect the charred remains. You can also add any final details, like paint or stain. Some people like to leave their pyrography projects natural, while others prefer to add a pop of color. It’s up to you.

Why Pyrography Art for Phobia?

Reasons to do pyrography if you suffer from any phobias.

Pyrography is a great way to help people with a phobia. Phobias are irrational fears, which can be debilitating and make it hard for people to live their lives. However, by learning how to control the fire and by taking breaks often, people with phobias can use pyrography to help them overcome their fear.

Pyrography can also be used as a form of exposure therapy. This is where people with phobias are slowly exposed to their fear in a controlled environment. By starting with small projects and working up to larger ones, people with phobias can gradually confront their fear and learn to control it.

Slowing Down Your Life Using Pyrography

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be hard to find time to slow down. Pyrography is the perfect way to do just that. This ancient art form requires patience and precision, which can help you to focus on the present moment.

It can be easy to get caught up in our thoughts and worry about the future. However, by focusing on the task at hand, we can learn to appreciate the present moment and live in the moment.

Pyrography is also a great way to relax and de-stress. The repetitive nature of this activity can help to calm your mind and clear your thoughts. If you’re looking for a way to unwind after a long day, pyrography may be a great activity to take up.

How to Learn More About Fire Needle Embroidery

How to Learn More About Fire Needle Embroidery

If you’re interested in learning more about pyrography, there are a few resources you can check out.

The Pyrography Workbook by Sue Walters is a great place to start. This book covers everything from choosing the right tools to creating beautiful designs and can help you get started with pyrography.

You can also find plenty of online tutorials on YouTube that will walk you through the basics of pyrography and show you how to create your own designs. Finally, there are several pyrography forums where you can ask questions and share your work with other pyrography enthusiasts. In these forums, you can get answers to questions about:

  • pyrography tools
  • pyrography projects
  • best wood to use
  • difference between pine and maple
  • writing with fire
  • wood burning in general

Once you’ve got the basics down, you’ll be able to create your own stunning designs using this unique art form and will be able to move on to more complex projects. Pyrography is a great way to add personality to your woodworking projects and can be used to create beautiful gifts for friends and family. With a little practice, anyone can learn this ancient art form and use it to deal with their phobias.


In high school, I was a self-taught artist. I never took an art class, but I loved to doodle and sketch in my free time. One day, I was browsing the internet and came across pyrography. Pyrography is the art of burning images into wood. I was fascinated by the idea of taking a hot object and using it to create art. I decided to give it a try.

I started with a simple design: a heart. I placed the piece of wood on an old towel on my kitchen table and started to burn the outline of the heart into the wood. As I worked, I found myself getting more and more into the rhythm of the burning. The sound of the wood sizzling and the smell of the smoke became soothing to me. I was completely focused on the task at hand.

When I was finished, I step back and admired my work. I was amazed at how something so simple could be so beautiful. I decided then and there that I would continue to explore pyrography as an art.

Since that day, pyrography has become a regular part of my life. I use it as a way to relax and unwind. It helps me to focus on the present moment and to slow down my life. Whenever I feel overwhelmed or stressed, I take out my pyrography set and burn away my worries.

If you’re looking for a DIY treatment for your anxiety or stress, I highly recommend giving pyrography a try. It’s a simple and effective way to soothe your mind and soul.